Good and bad values

People who value power, money, sex and fame tend to want it and go towards evil.

It is not about these things, it is about good and doing the right thing that you should value. As opposed to bad and doing the wrong thing.

If you do the right thing and need power, money and fame to achieve these things, then you will get them in the spirit of needing these things for service, but not for own pleasure and engorgement.  So it is doing the right thing which comes first and then leads to the other things coming along, if they are needed for that purpose. 

All these things belong to God and not yours anyway.

Of course you may have a mission where power, money and fame are not needed, but you will then get whatever else you need for the mission, such as advice, teachings, energy and so on.

Of course you need to enjoy life and have fun, it is a human need and so is fine. There is no merit in denying yourself what you need, as then you will then not be in a good state to serve others.

Like all such things though, it should never go too far. It is a hard balancing act between getting the enjoyment you need and over indulgence.

So you need to value and worship God, who is morality, doing the right thing, good as opposed to evil.

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