Social skills (love)

This is the elusive x factor, the magic item.

People want love and respect (see article on respect) 

If you can give someone love, real love from your inside, your emotions, feelings, spiritual energies and so on, then they will want to be with you, it is irresistible for people. Also they will see you as good, as they are seeing and getting love and goodness from you.

For someone to receive real love is indescribably wonderful for them and a great, irresistible feeling.

Love means that you like them so much that you love them, think they are lovely.  As they are lovely, they are immeasurably important to you. As they are so lovely, you want them to be well, happy and brilliant and you serve them.

You value their needs, welfare and themselves.

When this happens, you naturally open up to people, so that they can receive from you on a physical, psychological, feelings, emotions, spiritual and so on level, as you care about them so much. So there is an amazing connection of oneness.

The openess enables them to receive from you. To love someone there needs to be giving and then needs to be opened this for that giving to come out.

Love is the thing that will:
●It will connect you to other people as it is a connection where you are giving to others
●they will feel comfortable and happy to respond and reply to you.

If you are at a party and do not know anyone else, if you love them they will automatically like, feel comfortable with and be happy to talk with you as you love them.

If you hate and disrespect something, then you will want it destroyed, you will naturally be firm and nasty to it. If you love something, then you will care about it, want it to be well and happy, so you will let it have your good energies and so on.

If you hate another person, they will feel it and hate you back as a reaction and also revenge.

Real love is so amazing, it just cannot be defined. It is transendetal, which is why if you give people love when you meet them, they will want to be with you, trust you and so on.

Real love is a thing of wonder and joy, it is a feeling, energy and indefinable thing that cannot be feked.

Real goodness comes from above and you are just a channel, so you must be real and good to people and God.

Be careful to love good and hate evil, otherwise you can be serving the wrong thing.


It is important to love and respect other people, this has to be true and real from the heart.

To do this you genuinely have to love the other people, it has to be so on the inside.

This comes from thinking about them and not yourself.

You as a person love them and this is for the sake of others.

The heart is the soul and that is also around the level of emotions and feelings. People are moved my emotions and feelings, not just logic.

To be able to love others, a person needs to have love for it to flow onto others and to be able to give it to others. If they do not have any love, then they cannot give any, as they do not have any to give. So a person has to have love, to be able to give it.

To do it a person has to be love, have thoughts of love. If at that time they have hateful thoughts of others then it is not going to happen.

Being affectionate, loving to other people, makes you in turn lovable and someone people love. This is because by being loving to others, you then in turn become love and so are lovable.

Loving people means you value and cherish them. You do things for them as you think they are lovely and value them.

It needs to be physical, psychological and spiritual.

Physical love: giving things to other people because you think they are lovely and you highly value them. You value them like you value yourself, or even more than you value yourself.

Psychological (emotions and feelings): emotions are deeper and feelings are a bit more transient, but both can be about love and affection. These emotions and feelings are soft, gentle, delicate, light and wonderful.

If they are harder then it is normally lust which is about you wanting things, please do not confuse the two.

Psychological (thinking): thinking about, looking at and pondering people’s needs and welfare. This is for their physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual ,spiritual needs. You carefully think about and are careful about not hurting their feelings and general well being.

Spiritual: this is about loving, caring about, not being jealous of, wanting to do all you can for and serve god. Ultimately god wants us to do the right moral thing on earth for people as it is god’s creation and that is the best way to serve god.

A view of love

A view of love is that it is when somebody values somebody else, more than they value themselves. 

As a result they will even do things for this other person, as a priority over themselves.

The dark side of love

If a person loves another person, it means they think that being is so lovely and wonderful they want it to be well and happy.

However it is also possible to love having things which is quite different.

For example:
▪if someone loves the taste of chicken, it means that they love the taste of the chicken in their mouth, which results in the chicken is not having a great life.
▪if someone loves murdering other people, then the love of murder is not conducive to the well being of others.
▪valuing a bad leader and what they stand for, then harm will be done.

So if the thing loved is not for the greater good, then it can do harm to the rest of the world.


We cannot talk about love that also mentioning hate. If a person find something abhorrant, disgusting despicable and awful they will hate it, want to destroy it and get rid of it.

It is fine to hate evil, but be careful of hate. If a person hates things that should not be hated, then it is a dark destructive path.

People who hate other people have bad karma and are not nice to be around. Best to be a lover not a hater.

When you like something it is nice to be with them as you love them, when a person is with something they hate, it is horrible because they are with something they do not like. People may like to hate because they are putting something else down down, so in relative terms they feel they are better.

It is better to do things by positvity and love. If you would like someone to like and love you, then you must like and love them. Be a lover not a hater.

Hate is the opposite of love.


A real smile comes from loving others and God, then you will be happy, there will be a lovely natural smile and people will want to be with you.

The whole thing is about love.

Love leads on to other things people want, such as approval and acceptance. The idea being that if you love a person, then you will also approve of and accept them.

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