Social skills (being open)

All the world  is one, things may look separate but we are in truth one with everything.

If you are happy, well, enjoying life, having fun and things are gong well with you then people will want to be with you.

Your good energies, happiness and good feelings will go onto other people, like how perfume goes around a room.  When they are with you then will feel happy, fully of good feelings and energies.

When you smile at them they cannot help but be happy back, your good energies have come to them and make them well and happy.

However if you have things that people do not want, such as fear, anger, hate, sadness, frustration then when you are with other people, these things will come onto them, they will hate you and not know why.  They will not just now want to be with you because they get infected with these things, these things will also make them behave in such a way that is against others.  They will be annoyed by you, hate you and not know why.

So you need to be well for the sake of others, so that if you are well, others will get to have those good energies that come from you being well.  As you being well is not for selfish reasons, is for the benefit of others, it is in line with God’s morals and so you will be well.

This is an advantage of being good and not evil.  With good, as it is for the sake of others and God, God will give you more good energies as it is for the sake of others and God.  You will go upwards and things will go well.

If you are evil then God will not give you the good energies, you will just be a dry husk.   Also as you live in fear, you will end up putting up walls and hardening yourself from other people and the rest of the world. This is to try and protect yourself from bad things attacking you.  This makes you hard so that no good energies come out and then people will not want to be with you as they cannot get anything from you.  Also as you are closed they see cannot you, as you are so closed up and so on.  You need to be open so that people can see you, see in you and there is something to look at and be with.

All good energies come down from God, you are just a channel, the moment your ego thinks that the energies are from you, then it all dries up.  You worship God and it is all his will.  It is all for God and for the love of God.

People like to be with people who are good looking, have a lovely smile as it is nice to see them and a pleasure for them.  People do not want to be with people who are ugly and unpleasant to look at as it is unpleasant for them.

However you really must have these things for the benefit of others, if you have them to show off that you have them, you are better than them, they are below you, then they will hate you.   If you are a rich man you must open your doors so that others can stay in your house and benefit from your wealth.  It is the same with your psychological well being, you must be open so that others can also be better off from your good psychological energies.

You need to be open so that the doors are open for your good energies to go onto other people.

You also need to be open so you let people come into you and be with you.They are with your heart, soul, spirit and connection to the divine. Otherwise they have nothing to be with and be involved with.

Of course you can only let people have things that will treat them properly.  Some will want you to be well, others will be nice to you to get things in return.  Some will just want to steal from you, take control and steal from you.and those you cannot let in.  You have to change according to the circumstances.of what the people are like.

Personal life

On a more basic practical level, being open means letting people know about you, your personal life, what has happened in your life, what has gone wrong, worked well, your heart, passions, interests and all the personal things about you. People need to be able to know who you really are.

Otherwise it is like a person cannot get to know you and you are closed off.

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