How a bullying victim behaves

Other people will treat you how you treat yourself.

If you behave like a victim then people will treat you as one, possibly exploit you and push you around. If you behave like a success then other people will treat you as one.

If you are bad to yourself, then it must be fine for others to do that too.  That can cause people to be bullied and so on.

If that is how you treat yourself, then people will perceive that that is what you must be.  No different to how if other people treat you like a prince, then you must be a prince.  As the world is one, you are a person like everyone else, so how you treat yourself has the same validity as how other person treats you.

People look weak and feeble if they are scared,  but invincible if they are not. This is because:

  • Even if something is going to kill them physically and they die physically, if they are not scarred then the thing has not gotten to them psychologically, then they will continue and are normal and fine on that level.
  • Fear makes people flinch, pull back and not be effective.  Nothing is more scary than a person who will still persist, even the thing they are fighting will certainly kill them.

Bullies only give in when forced to, so they have to be faught against or run away from.

If a person behaves like they are weak then bullies will see the weakness and take advantage.

A person has to adapt to every situation. When with bullies and evil people a person needs to act and be tough. However when with non bullies of course can and should be gentler. It would be very bad to be tough around nice people as then are not serving good people, also they will not want to know you as not being soft and nice to them.
A person needs to be able to fight to defend themselves and when around bullies this side needs to be clearly visible. When not with bullies there is no need to show it.

Some people do things that attract bulllies

People can subconsciously do things to get bullied, consciously they may not want to be bulled but subconsciously:

▪they want attention.  For example comedian that people laugh at, they get attention and do this by letting other people bully them.  This is an expensive and painful way of getting attention, as the victim is being laughed at.
▪ a person maybe in the habit of being bullied. The habit teen has been going on for such a long time they are so comfortable in it and do not want to change. As a result they behave and put themselves in situations which will result in them being bullied.

Playing the Fool

A person may play the fool as a defence mechanism, or to be liked. This is very expensive, demeaning and bad for the person being teased, so it is not good for them.

Of course need a sense of humour about yourself, but these motivations can make it go too far.

1, Playing the fool as a defence mechanism:

This is a belief that if play the fool, it will make the nasty people laugh and be entertained, so they will not hit the victim.  This is a dangerous game because the victim is still the victim of being teased, even if the victim believes he or she is controlling it because they are the ones making the jobs.  They are of course though making themselves the joke.

2, Playing the fool as they want to be liked:

This is exactly the same as what a comedian or a clown does.    They play the fool and so people laugh.  Less good people like people who re nice but dim.   This is because they inferior to more intelligent and clever people and like to feel better than stupid people.  As a result they feel that they are the best and so the winner.

Less good and evil people will like people if they are less then them and allow them to be put down and destroyed by them. They hate and are jealous of people if they are successful and better than them. So in a cheap way of wanting attention and to be liked by such people, they allow themselves to be destroyed by evil people. This is just wanting things from evil people and the price for this is very high. Comedians are paid money to behave like an idiot and be teased on stage, but some people do it as they want the attention.

So should be friendly with good people that want you to succeed and be successful and not do this. Then have no interest in trying to be liked by people where no good can come from it.

Being different

With chickens, if one is a different colour from the others, then the others will kill it.  As Darwin said, it is the most adaptable that survives, not the most intelligent.  So make sure you change and adapt to fit in wherever you are.

People are scarred of other people who have courage and bravery, so if somebody wants to attack you and you can you come up to them with courage and bravery, they will be terrified of you.

Stopping the joke from working

A person can never be made to feel shame or embarressment they can only do it themselves.

If someone plays a joke on another person and that other person is not ashamed, does not feel humiliated the prank has not worked. It only works if the victim makes it work by feeling and being upset. So the victim needs to act like is fine and all is okay and not changed.

Even better the victim needs to fight back, if they can do it in a fun way then they will not be hated by others so much.

Being the winner or not bullied means have to fight

If attacked, the recipient can still attack back and be the victor. If for example a person puts mud on someone, the other person can still use the mud as a weapon to make the original thrower dirty. If the person who was first made dirty is happy and sees it as a victory they are happy about then they have won.

So people will not pick on that person because they will fight back.

If a person is weaker than the bullies, they may be scared that by fighting, the bullies will want wear revenge and make things worse.

The person should train to be stronger whether it is learning fighting techniques, fitness, weight lifting and whatever they need to become stronger.

They should only fight once they know they are strong enough to succeed, because otherwise they will make it worse.

Some people maybe scarred to fight back because people will hate them for it. It is better to be hated for fighting back, than being despised for being weak and bullied!

Learning about fighting

A warrior must be able to cope with being hurt. Once a person has broken bones a certain number of times, they realise it doesn’t hurt as much as they expect and they do heal.

A warrior can cope with being hurt and that things do not always go well. Even the winner will be hurt to some degree, the person who wins if the person that can survive with the damage best.

In real life a warrior has to be able to cope with bad news, that things are going badly.

Fear will make the warrior flinch and be less effective at fighting, so they must be courageous and not scared.

The warrior must be angry to be able to fight, but the anger is used to defeat evil, so it is good. However the warrior must never rejoice and be happy that someone else has been hurt, because the other person is still life and part of the same universe.

Being hated is better than being despised

If a person is bullied, they will be despised for being weak.

If a person is attacked by a bully, the bully will hate them if they hurt the bully back.

However it is far better to be hated than despised.

Anyway, the person who is the bully is evil, so there is no point in wanting to be liked by them, as the bully will only like evil.

Ultimately, to not be bullied, a person has to be able to fight and win.

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