Jealousy can put people on a mission to destroy that which they want but cannot have.

For example:

So In a relationship,  where a woman has left the man, the man can want to destroy the woman they want but cannot have. This can lead the man to want to destroy her, her life and so on.

Where somebody else wants a posssession they cannot have. For exanple man 1 sees man 2 with a Porsche that man 1 cannot have. This is because man 1 will never have the money for it.  Man 1 does not just want to destroy the Porsche, they want to destroy man 2 who is the owner of the Porsche so that man 2 can never have the Porsche.

If there is a job someone would like, that they cannot have it as for example if they are just not capable of doing it. They may want to destroy the people who have that job, the organisation, everything about it to know what could happen can have it so that no one can have that job.

Another perspective on jealousy

Morally the world is one, so if someone has something you should be happy for them.

Sadly though most people do not see this absolute way of seeing things and just judge the world in a relative way. They can only see how well they are, by comparing themselves to others. They cannot see what they are against an absolute way of what is perfect and best and focus bon atriving towards it, like seeing how close or far away they are from God’s way.

These blinded, sleepy, ignorant people just think thst if they have more than someone else they think that they are okay, if they have less than someone else they think that they are not okay. However maybe everone is not okay, or everyone is not okay. Things need to be seen in absolute and not relative terms. These people often just resort to pulling other people down, they feel it is easier to destroy others than to do the positive thing of sorting themselves out.

Yet another perspective on jealously

There are limited resources in the world, attractive women, land, water and so on. There is competition for these resources, people who are less capable to get these resources may rather just destroy those people who can. However of course the world as a whole is worse off for not having those people.

It depends if yoy are a giver or taker:

A giver: sees capable people as giving and creative, without those people there would not be great things and the world would fall apart.

People who give rise and get to a level where they are with great people as that is where they deserve to be.

A taker: capable people just take, if they were not there then I can have it. If they were not there then in relative terms I am better because those better people are not there.

The answer to jealousy

It is for rich people not to show off and poor people not to be jealous of rich people.

Most people have a nice car or painting, not because they get pleasure from it, but as a status symbol to show off. Ti show they are richer than other people.

However as much pleasure as they get from showing other people that they are better than them, the other person gets equal displeasure from being seen as less good than them.

So the answer is not to show off, do things without claiming credit, showing off how much money you made. Yes, you may like showing off, but everything has a price, including making other people feel small.

Of course you must have your talents, good looks, money and all the other things you need to serve others and you have gained by your good karma, but showing off is something else.

If you do have great things then try and share your victories so that people feel part of your team, a bit like how people like great footballers because they feel part of their success, especially if someone is part of their team or a supporter of it.

There are evil people who just want to pull other people down from having the results of their good karma, these tend to be negative people who do not give, and they just take. If there are too many of these people sometimes the only solution is to go away.

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