Excessive fear and how to solve it


Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger and aggression, anger and aggression leads to destruction and suffering.

Fear leads to aggression as a person is wanting to stop something from being lost.

A person with fear is wanting not to loose things, a greedy person is wanting to gain things, so greed can also cause these problems.

Fear can also be the fear of not getting something that the person wants to have.

To be nice to someone you are soft, gentle, open like an open door. To be nasty to something you are like a miltary tank, hard, do not let people see in, but of course that also means you cannot see out. Excessive fear may make you excessively like the fighting like a tank, when you should in fact be soft and nice like an open door.

The aim is to be able to go between each state as is correct for the situation, but excessive fear may stop you from doing that.

If someone has a lot of fear, as they have had it for a long time they will think it is normal. As a result of thinking that is normal they will not be able to see it, so here are signs that you or another person has fear:

1, Feelings of aggression and hate

As said earlier, if you have fear then you are scarred, to protect yourself you are aggressive and so angry. As you see people as a threat you begin to hate them. Once you are being aggressive and hating others then you do bad things and suffering can only follow.

You hate people as they are a threat to you.

2, Wanting things resolved now:

As fear is a selfish thing you want the things to be resolved now as you want the end result now. This makes you rush things which of course also makes you stressed, as it is not correct way to do things this way. You should never rush, or do them faster than the time you can do things, such as speaking fast. You should do things in a methodical way, in the time that you can do them without causing you stress, in the timescales that you can do them well and with a long term view. So for example with fear you may speak fast, move physically fast and not consider things properly.

3, Wanting to control things:

if people are scarred of things around them they want to control them so they cannot hurt them. They may also want to destroy it for the same reason.

Controlling things too much can damage things and not be nice for the other person. This is because it limits their freedom, it is you controlling them so they are not being naturally themselves and true to themselves

4, Speaking loudly:

So with people they may speak loudly, as loudness is aggression as it is like a barrier or block that stops people from being able to get through to you (also it maybe that the person who speaks more loudly is in control as they are giving the orders).

5,Speaking quickly:

This can be because you are scarred and so want to get away, you get it over and done with as quickly as possible because you are scarred that other people will interrupt you, mock you, hurt or even attack you.

It is also just a feature of the fear and worry energies, emotions and feelings.

6, Fast gestures and movements:

Fast gestures that also move sharply, like your hand or other body park moving fast, but also stopping sharply at the start of it’s movement and end of it’s movement. This is a sign of aggression and so you should have soft, rounded movements that start and end smoothly which is more warm and loving.

7, Excessive movements

The person has lots of movement with their hands, body, arms legs etc This is because of all the nervous energy running around and is a reflection of all their nervousness generally.

In severe cases, part of their body may shake.

8, Vibration in the voice is a giveaway of fear. Also the voice cannot make beautiful sounds that make people feel like they want to communicate with you. Fear causes the voice to close up and when you loose the fear it will open up with wonderful sounds that are interesting and engaging.

9, Feeling cut off from other people, you are blocking yourself off emotionally so that people cannot get to you as you are defending yourself from them.

10, Anger, fear leads to anger and aggression

11, Tight muscles:

Rigid muscles, fear leads to aggression and tight muscles is a way of showing that the psyche is cutting itself off from other people emotionally. This is because the body and mind are one. These rigid muscles use up al lot of energy and so makes you tired and less able to do things.

Being open and giving to people, is being soft and open so you can give things from yourself to others and they can get through to you. Defending yourself and attacking is rigid and hard so as to hurt others when hitting them and to not let things through if people are attacking you. So this shows that you are psychologically defending yourself which shows itself in your physical muscles being hard, rigid and tight as well.

12, Communication problems:

Hard time communicating with people: the block to defend yourself means you are blocking your soul and emotions from people so they cannot attack you. However then they cannot feel and experience you that people cannot communicate with you. So they cannot see you, you cannot be interesting as they cannot see and experience you, your inner psyche, soul, self. You are remote from others.

13, People not want to be with you.

Psychologically when you give things to people you are connecting with them, such as them having love, joy, happiness from you, ‘the doors’ need to be open so that it can happen. By you having these good things and the doors being open, they shine onto others. When you are defending yourself, you are closing them so they cannot get to you and of course they also are not getting things from you. It also stops the higher and inner energies that come to you from going to other people as the rigidity from defending yourself from others means it cannot go out to them. So you need to be soft so that these energies can come down and go out to others. You may not be scarred of the person you are with, but the fact that you are thinking about maybe another person you are scarred of, means that is where you are and people will not want to be involved with you.

As fear makes you are angry, aggressive and hate other people they will not want to be with you. People want to be with people who are happy, gentle to them and love them. All things are one, so the fact that this is the case means these things will come over to the other person, as in reality they are not separate from you and is the truth of the situation, their subconscious experiences this and you cannot cover these things up.

Also being like this means that, even if you are trying to cover it up, you are in truth being nasty to the other person and that is the truth of what is going on.

14, Inability to be aware

if you are scarred you defend yourself and so to do this you block yourself off from things, so you cannot experience other people. A wall may keep the burglars out, but you cannot see through it and it cuts things off.

15, Fight or flight,

fear exaggerates things so gets adrenaline going that may not be needed. You really move quickly and it is not good for the body to the person is not good at sex

16, Not being good at things and people thinking the person is not good at things.

Success is caused by being able to focus on the job. If a person is scared and nervous, they are more focused on worrying about if it goes wrong.

This lack of focus, attention, time, thought and energy on the task, because it is being used up on worrying and nervousness about if it goes wrong makes the them useless. This is because they are then not putting anything into doing the job and are distracted.

17, Excessively defending yourself

This is a big one and leads to all kinds of problems, it is a root cause of many of the other points above.

When a person is giving to something they are soft, when they are defending themselves they are hard, just like in point 11 ‘tight muscles’. However it goes deeper than that.

This is like the armour on a tank, or she’ll of a tortoise. They are hard so nothing can penetrate them.

A person is hard, has a barrier to everything and with everything, they cannot function and work with those things. For example:

a, Not able to be aware of things and tell what is going on: As a barrier to everything to defend themselves, they cannot be aware of things on a psychological level. There is a shell and hardness over their aura, so they cannot feel other people’s emotions and feelings, as nothing can get in. On physical and spiritual levels, they also cannot see things.

Even on a basic level, the person will be defending themselves from words that may hurt them, so not listening. Ideas that may be harmful so not thinking about things they hear. This may mean that a person cannot learn properly and do well in school.

b, Using up all their energy, a lack of energy: this hardness uses up a lot of energy. A bit like running with stiff muscles means a lot of energy is being used up, is hard to do, exhausting so the person cannot travel so far.

To create, make and feed this hardness, energy is being used up on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. So the person will be useless and exhausted as all their energy will be used up. This is impossible to maintain and will lead to headaches, fatigue, a feeling of being drained etc. The person’s body will be damaged by the lack of energy as it is all used up.

It takes a lot of energy to build this shell, for example the one above that stops a person from being aware of things.

They also have a lack of energy because energy cannot get in, they cannot get energy from the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. They are defending themselves from it, putting up hardness, so it is not getting in.

So the person cannot get the energies that naturally come from the inner and outer world. When a person experiences something, it is also energy they are getting from that thing they are also experiencing.

All things are energy and by cutting them off, a person is cutting themselves from getting energy.

c, Not able to do things: When a person is defending themselves they do not do things, they are so busy defending what they have that they cannot get out there, do and create more.

They are so involved in their barricades, putting up barriers, that they cannot get out there to create anything from behind their shell. They cannot put stuff out there and ensuring that nothing is taken away from them.
Cures for fear are

1, Selfishness

Not to be selfish about if you may loose things, or not get the things you want or need. Think more about doing the right thing, the needs and welfare of others, serving God. This takes away fear which is usually because you are scarred about yourself. You can be scared for other people, but as that is based on benevolence, sympathy and compassion it does not lead to the lower and negative traits above as it is benevolent.

2, Bravery and Courage

Bravery and courage, especially about the pain and hurt of loss. It is a good thing to feel, ponder, practice and meditate on. Courage and bravery means that the person can cope with, face and take the loss. They can live with and bare it.

3, Habits and traditions

Ask yourself if the thing you are scarred of is here now, maybe it is something that has passed but you are repeating the habit, your subconscious does not realise that it has gone, or you want to be thinking about that thing because it is predictable as it is in the past, a kind of nostalgia? What is the worst that could happen, is it really that bad? What are the statistical chances of it happening to you? Has it happened to you before, often or recently? It may be something that you needed in the past, but no longer need and now is causing you a problem.

4., Choice and using your free will

Make the choice to change, habits are easy and it is difficult to change. The old thing dies, as it is part of you it is like dying yourself.

5, Exposure

Expose yourself to the risk, normally excessive fear is because you were exposed to a small risk a long time ago, often when you were very young and far far more vulnerable than you were now. However as you are now scarred of it, you have not looked at it directly, you may have seen it with your physical senses but your psyche did not look at it. Now your mind has blown it up like a balloon so your fear is that it is sometime of far far greater proportions than it actually is. Not being exposed to it enables the mind to do this as you are aware from the reality of what you are scarred of.

6, Is it Constructive?

Is it constructive? Look at all the things you can create and do, that the fear is stopping you from doing. Things that you can create, do for others and get yourself. It it is far better to look at positive creation and go that way, than just fighting negative things. By feeding the good trees they outgrow the bad weeds.

7, Look at the good

Look at the good, fantastic and awesome things in your life, not just the problems. Look at the bright side of life. People look at what the different scenarios and possibilities could be, need to look at the good and best possible scenarios, not just the bad ones.

For example if I have a fear of heights, once get to the top of a high up structure and can see the beautiful view. The enjoyment of the beautiful view will be so much that will be greater and more interesting than the fear of heights

In all places and times there are good and bad things. To solve problems and progress a person does need to solve the bad stuff and problems. However as humans we cannot always spend time in the rubbish and need to look at and spend time with a good as well.

Also by looking at the good we can expand them, so they get bigger and bigger. Then often the bad things do not matter anymore as they are smaller and smaller compared to the good that is growing. This is like feeding the good trees in a garden, so there is no room left for the weeds and they die out.

8, Focus

Decide to just focus on getting on with doing something constructive. Choose not to allow yourself to get nervous, realise how stupid it is to allow yourself to be nervous.
When energies comes down from above they are neutral, a person’s choices, behaviour, way, posture, manner and intentions determine whether it will be desire, fear, love, lust etc.

So if a person is getting on with doing good and being constrive, this can even be resting to ensure they are going to perform well when they go back to work. This will lead them away from spending time and energy on fear.

However it is important not to oppress emotions, emotions are energy, we use them to feel on that level and area, part being human. Without them we cannot function, will not have energy, there will be no beauty in life and so on. This is simply about doing and thinking about something else, so the emotions and energies go in a different direction.

9, Physical techniques

Physical techniques: As the body, psyche, spirit, divine and God are one, changes with one will affect the others. However changes in the higher ones most powerfully over ride the others. Physical techniques include slow deep breathing, slow gentle smooth movements that start and stop smoothly. Not moving at all and staying still. Speaking slowly, quietly and softly.

10, Psychological techniques

For the same reasons as the physical techniques, try psychological ones. Such as thinking about, pondering and picturing things like love, calmness, rest, serving others, from a selfish point of view being fine if loose everything and God.

11, Hope, Faith and Belief

Look at hope, faith and beliief. On a lower level there is hope which is the opposite of fear. However it is important for the long term for a person to put there hope in something good. For example that by doing good, things will eventually go well.
On a higher level there is faith and belief. From a higher level hope is just sitting on a wall hoping something good will happen. Faith and belief (preferably in the divine) means that if a person does good, they believe good will happen. As a result a person believes they will not be hurt by evil doers and there is no need to be scarred. This faith and belief in good and positive means something good will happen

12, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Techniques)

These are questions a person asks themselves, to answer them they have look at the situation or thing that is causing their fear and then answer.

This means a person has to look at the situation and see what it really is, which is hopefully different from what they believed it is.

Also answering to themselves, means a person is changing their thoughts and hopefully their thinking habits.

Fear comes from a person thinking they are unsafe, so for they could ask.

Here and now am I in danger?

Or a more positive one to bring themselves out of it.
Here and now am I safe?

Others could be about a thing they are scared of happening and they could ask themselves, such as?

Although it is possible, is it probable?

Last time I checked had it happened?

Last time I did it, had it happened?

What is the worst that could happen?

When I looked before, was it there?


Facing the fear in your mind itself.

To face a fear, the person is often looking at the things they are scared of, such as a snake, heights, being with people, etc.

However the excessive fear is in a person’s mind.

So while the thing they are scarred of is happening and the person is around the things they are scared. The best thing is to also look at their own mind. They should look at the words, pictures, words, feelings, energies, etc. in thier conscious mind, which are coming from their subconscious.

By looking at these fears directly and facing the fear itself in their mind, not just the thing they are scarred of, the person can see how the fear has grown out of all proportion and see it for the ridiculous things they are.

If the fear is irrational, the problem is the fear itself in the mind, not the actual thing they are scared of.


Ability to fight:

The world can be a tough place and as much as must be kind to others, must always have that ability to fight if needed. The world is a scarier place if not able to fight and defend oneself.

This is not just physically, but also emotionally and psychologically.

When a person is fighting and is angry, they are focusing on destroying the enemy or defending themselves and not on worry and fear of getting hurt.

This of course needs to be balanced out by making sure it do not become a bully etc. However need to have it for when it is needed.

15. Formative years

This should probably be near the top or at the top. If you had parents that had a lot of fear, these will be passed down to you and you will have the fear as well.

You need to talk about this with a therapist to come to terms with what is real and what isn’t. You need to dig deep into all the attitudes, things you are worried about, ideas and outlooks you have.

It takes the time with a therapist to see deep into this, with all the different angles, experiences and perspectives.

Maybe your parents were scared of certain things, had certain ideas and outlooks and perspectives on life.

These could have been passed down through many generations. Even caused by experiences or mistakes from many generations ago.

You’ll find that you are living life not through what is going on right now, but by how you are set up in your young formative years.

Maybe things are going on with your family and you experience things that were scary. You think that’s life and how it works.

Maybe your parents were rude to you, didn’t give you love, so you have trust issues, insecurities and seek validation.

These things will still exist, but you can build new parts to yourself and grow and change.

16. Worrying is painful

Use your awareness and feelings to realize how worrying is painful.

Worry s a painful thing and experience.

17. Being paranoid makes you sad and depressed

You will also see and experience how being paranoid makes you sad and depressed. This is because you are experiencing the sad parts of life which are the things you’re worrying about.

18. Don’t get involved with it

Just like when a nasty person comes along, it’s best not to get involved with them.

When an irrational, unuseful or not helpful thought comes that you’re scared of something, just don’t get involved with that thought, do something else.

For example if you’re in a plane and you’re having massive thoughts about the plane crashing. Just don’t get involved with those thoughts, get on and think about something else that’s positive.

19. Be courageous

The best way to deal with fear is to be courageous, it’s what heroes are about and what makes them.

So be courageous, then you can be fearless.

A calm person is:

Never worries or stresses, just gets on with it, this makes them more effective as more of their focus is on just getting on with it, or constructively thinking about it. Focus worry and stress is of course an emotion and a feeling.

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