How to not go into the friends zone on a date

When a man is speaking with a woman that he wants to be with as boyfriend/girlfriend, it is very important that a man is romantic, loving, affectionate. The man loves her, gives her love.

The man creates a romantic mood of love, kissing, cuddles, hugs.

This is done with the mood, emotions of the man, how he looks at her and behaves towards her, speaks to her etc. He is a lover.

Woman wants a man that loves them, wants them, wants to look after them, thinks they are incredibly beautiful etc.

Also he must be a man and male for her. He must be nice to the lady and treat her like a lady. However he is a potential boyfriend and must act like that, not like a potential female friend for the lady.

Without this it will just be like friends and the man will be a friend, and not become a boyfriend etc. As he is not a male and that is what the woman wants and is attracted to.

Some guys focus on trying to be the woman’s friend, people want friends like themselves, so he ends up acting in a feminine way. You are not being their friend, you are being their boyfriend, a male.

Of course it’s nice for the woman if you are the male version of them.

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