Leadership (verbal communication)

Being a leader

A dog can be controlled with tone of voice.

High tone is telling well done.

Low tone is strict discipline.

Human beings react in the same way.

In a crisis

If there is a problem or crisis, speak slowly as then have authority.  The person will have this authority,  as are speaking slowly, so people can understand and carry out the order.  

Speaking slowly, slows things down so people can act correctly.

If shout at people when there is a crisis, it is like pouring petrol on the fire, the people get more anxious and it gets worse.

The problem is if the person panics they speak faster and they shout. Then they increase disconnect between themselves and those they are leading.

So in a crisis to ensure people listen to you, speak slowly and in a low tone.  Also if there is time ask people if they are okay then they will feel part of it. 

 Unless it is a crisis where there are seconds, then need people to just do it.  This is because the situation can lead to other bigger problems, so has to be resolved quickly.

If someone has a personal problem

If someone has a problem and are sad, then be more sympathetic and speak in a normal human voice, asking if they would like to talk about it.  Then you listen to them.

Must be very careful to use the right time of voice at the right time, or other people will fall apart.

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