Good writing is about more than words, it is knowing how to communicate.

Making things easy to understand.

A person putting themselves in somebody else and where they are.

Knowing what to omit.

Ability to think clearly.

Writing what is easy for your reader, not what is easy for you.

Share information that is genuinely valuable, then will get a loyal audience that regularly comes back by itself to see what you have to say.

Writers who are more concerned with the equipment and gadgets they use to produce their work, more than what they actually produce, normally produce nothing of value, as they have nothing to say.

(The above was learned from the book ‘Getting Real’, by 37 Signals)

A person never knows if they really understand it, until have to explain it to someone else.

Life is simple, things can be put in one sentence. If not, the person does not understand it, or does not want other people to.

A writer should only write when they have something to say which is if value to others.

Entertaining people

This is written about the average person, of course each individual is different.

Most people read for entertainment, not to learn. That is even so when they read the news. So even learning things have to be entertaining. This can be done with stories, anecdotes, jokes and metaphors.

People do not want to be bothered to read long things, so they have to be short, snappy and amusing. Even long articles need to be broken up into separate sections, each with different titles, icons, images, layouts and so on, to make each section different, fun and short.

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