Being good at sex (for men)

It is important to hold,, hug, kiss and touch her like you love her.

Breasts and bottom are ergogenic zones that are good to pay more attention to.  She will also love you kissing down the sides and from sides of her neck.

The clitorus should be the last place to touch and lick because it’s very sensitive and not nice for a lady if they are not relaxed, warmed up and  ready for it.

Touch all other parts of her body so the desire grows and only then touch the vagina. Then she can get several clitoris orgasms in a row.

Being masculine

Women when it comes to sex want the man to manhandle them. The man to position them, instigated doing stuff and do the stuff to them. The man is meant to know what the woman wants and do it to her. The man takes charge, dominates the the woman and does the stuff.

Women want the man to be in charge.   However of course it is for the woman to consent to this, or it is rape.   Also it is for the woman to be soft and nurturing with this as that is how it works.

The woman is attracting him, so they want to be so attractive that the man wants them, wants to do stuff to them and cannot resist her.


Sex for women is mostly about being loved and cared for by a man, the man wants to please and love them. So it takes ages to get a woman to want sex, but after lots of showing that you love them, care for them cuddling and so on they will be attracted to you and want sex with you.

To a woman 80% of it is about having a man love them, cuddle them and care for them.  If they have an evening in bed with a man and all they do is cuddle, that is a successful and lovely time.  For a man sadly he just wants to penetrate and put his seed in her, the women will be upset if he says that to her.

The woman wants to feel special which is why they want it to be that the man is monogamous to them and only wanting sex with them. If the man is having sex with other women it means to a lady that she is not special.

If one evening they do not want sex, lots of showing that you love them, then cuddling them, then eventually if they are happy with it gentle caressing and stroking their body to show that you care for them, should turn them on so they want sex.

For women each time they have sex with a man, they feel more and more connected with him. Women want that connection, to feel loved, wanted, intimacy.

They want sex to mean something, deep feelings that the man loves her.

For women it is a special thing, they are letting a man into them, they feel vulnerable and wary to fall in love with the man. The more the man makes love to them, the more they open up and fall in love with him.

Women take time to ‘warm up’

Even if a woman is attracted to a man, they will not want to have sex with him for many weeks, or months until they feel very comfortable with him.

However if they want to have him, they know they will have to have sex with him on the second, or third date to keep him interested. They may do it, in order to get the man for a permanent relationship, even if they do not want to have sex with him so quickly into the relationship.

However once they are warmed up and feel comfortable with a man, they will want sex a lot, possibly even more than the man does.

The more relaxed a woman is with a man, the easier it is for them to have an orgasm and good sex.

Male sex drive

Women want a man who is strong and masculine, with masculine energy. A man needs to be sexual or there is nothing for them ro be attracted to.

Men just want to put that seed into a lady, if sex is 20 seconds it is great for them.

However women like sex to be as long as possible, slow gentle foreplay and so on, for an hour or even more. This will become boring for a man because he just wants to put his seed in her.

The man likes to be forceful and aggressive because that is hard strong masculine energy.

However women are delicate, sensitive and want him to be gentle when having sex with them. They want it to be that as he loves them, he does not want to hurt them.

Women are soft and sensitive, so want to be treated very gently, especially to avoid any pain as they are so sensitive.

Pleasure is receiving gentle caressing and kissing, hard pressing hurts, especially as they are so sensitive in their erogenous zones. Of course it needs to be done in a strong way, from a strong masculine man, or there is no sexual attraction or pleasure.

Remember though to still keep your masculinity and sexuality of being a man, men want to be hard and forceful when they are ‘doing it’ to a lady which is what men sexually are, or it just does work. If men are not true to what are, they cannot work.

Women are soft and nurturing so they want to be treated gently, but if you are not masculine and a man with all your sexual desires and drives, you cannot function as a male. This is because you will have no drive or ability to do sex, because you are not being true to your own sex. So the man will not be masculine, be able to do it and also there will be no masculinity for the lady to be attracted to. A women may want to things from a man, but he must be a man otherwise he will not work. He has to be a man, you have to remember what you want and how you work. As a man you will not have her hobbies and point of view, and if you do, you will probably no longer be a hetra sexual male.

So the woman wants it to be like a wild strong stallion that keeps himself under a degree of control so does not push her around too much, go inside her to quickly, come too quickly and is gentle. This also means that the man can spend time doing foreplay. The women can want foreplay and sex to be for almost an hour before the man comes in side her. The woman wants the man to be doing this because he wants to give her pleasure and loves her.

Inexperienced males will get very excited, so will not be able to hold themselves back self and so will ejaculate too quickly. The male needs to ensure he does not get over excited.

Good sex

Women want a man who has sexual prowess, so must be a consummate lover.

Women want a man who can read the body language of his partner; in nearly every sexual escapade, he knows exactly what his partner needs, even if she doesn’t realise it. This is so the man never needs to stop him to say that what he is doing isn’t working, it is almost always perfect.

So the man never fails to perform, the lady rarely needs to tell him what she wants; he knows.

For a woman, when a man has sex with them, it means that the man finds them special. The woman wants it to be that the man finds her special.

Whole body

Whereas men have less erogenous zones, penis, nipples, anal area, lips etc.

Women have many erogenous zones, in fact they like a man to touch, kiss and caress their entire body and every part of their. This is also because sex us a way for women of being loved and they want it to be that the man loves every part of their body. It is good if the man I can touch more than one place on theur body at once.


On a first date with a man, the kiss is really important to a women, it determines if he is the right man for her and so on.

It needs to be a romance novel kiss like he really loves her.


Girls are only happy with guy touching them once trust them, as sexually the girl is delicate and has to surrender. To trust the man they have to know his personality. Touching is how the electricity happens between a man and a woman.

Of course some ladies trust more quickly than others

After orgasm

If the man gives the woman an orgasm, she will think and feel he is wonderful and fantastic. This feeling of hers will go on for minutes and hours. It is important that the man is still romantic during these times and does not for example talk about football, or his favourite science fiction program as this will kill the romance and so her mood, feelings and thoughts of how wonderful you are.

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