When a person is successful, they focus on their successes and other people will see them as successful.

When a person believes they are wonderful and just focuses on this.

They think about their success and dwell on it, their ego gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

They have been focusing on themselves and their success and often lose the focus on service.

They loose the humility diligence of just being on the ground doing the work.

As they are in the habit of succeeding, they think that whatever they do they will succeed.

Then in their arrogance and complacency they think they can do less and less to succeed and they fail.

Also as a person succeeds they get more wealth and comforts, focusing on this wealth and comforts which makes them more and more lazy.  A bit like a person who has worked hard for a comfy sofa and then becomes lazy lying on it.

An inflated ego

When a person has success it is very easy for it to go to the ego, signs that this has happened are:

●When a person started at the beginning of their journey of learning that trade, they were willing to do any job no matter how small, they now feel too important to do some of them.

●They no longer look at doing and working with the details, as they feel and believe that they are too important and what they do is too big.

●They no longer spend the time and effort that they use to in doing things. They have forgotten how hard it really was before to learn and get things right.  As a result they will not be as effective and get the good results they used to.


Cannot take for granted people will buy from your business, this makes people work properly at it. Customers need to have a reason to buy from your business. If you are not the best or at least as good, they will not buy from you.

People may arrogantly think they are entitled to things when I’m truth they have not served, watched and listened to what other people want and need, have not changed with the times.

When someone succeeds, they get in the habit of thinking they will always succeed, when that is not the case.

Taking things for granted

Once something has been successful for a long time, success can be taken for granted. The minute you take them for granted, they’re dead. You’ve got to constantly approach it like it’s a new thing that you do not yet know if it will be successful. If a person goes ‘That always works, we’ll keep going with that.’ That would be a sure and certain death because things in life change.

When something is new and unknown a person works harder at it, because not know if will be successful.

Also when start again build a new thing that is better and right for a changed world.

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