Being true to yourself

The secret to success in the universe is a person being true to themselves. So doing what works and is right for them, doing things in accordance to their nature, mission, destiny, there way of doing things.

Every person has a unique place, purpose and reason for being here. If a person this not do this things go badly until they eventually do what they are meant to be doing.

The universe has very different kinds of people, each has their own nature, destiny and being.

Each person has a role in the universe and if they do their job, what they are meant for, they will succeed, if not they are not made for this and will fail.

A very basic metaphor maybe if an introverted person who is good at detailed accounts, tries to be an extroverted sales person.  An extrovert sales person tries to do detailed accounting work.  Another is a cat trying to behave like a dog and the dog trying to behave like a cat.

A person’s makeup may not be for something that at that time makes them rich famous and powerful and this may make someone to do something different.  For example actors and actresses in the 20th century got these things, but in Roman times were the lowest of the low. The same sole could be an actor, but at that time it was not appreciated.

A person has to be brave enough to be themselves and not just try and fit in. People who will like you will like you, people who do not like you would have not liked you much anyway. If a person is not being themselves, they will come over as fake, not authentic, other people will think there is something wrong, but not know what it is.

There are people who will follow abd want things from and follow someone who is true to themselves. That is because they have something real,  genuine and unique to offer.

If a person is just fitting in and following others, there is nothing new and unique to offer.

People who do things to fit in, for example looking at what others do, to get their approval always look pathetic.  This is because they are timid to be doing this, look scarred and doing this means they are being controlled by others.

Ultimately if a person does things, some will benefit and some will loose. Some will hate it and some will not. Even if only 1% or 50% of people like it and so you, you only need the people who like what you do and you can ignore the rest. If you are doing what everyone approves of, you are probably doing nothing.

Some successful people accept that 50% will love what they do and 50% hate it, but they get their income from the percent that like it.

Being true to yourself socially

If not able to love yourself, then no one else would be able to love you.

So need to do good so that can love yourself, if not will try and compensate with showing off etc. which of course makes it worse as it is an even less good thing to do.

If a person does not think they are good, then will think that other people will not want them, then the person puts up walls so people not see who they really are, then the person cannot function and is not authentic so no one will will want the person.

So need to be yourself and know there is nothing wrong with who you are.

Being interesting socially

If a person is pretending to be something they are not, then they are not interesting to be with socially.

This is because their fakeness is like a blank sheet which diverts and covers up from the feelings, emotions, thoughts, spirit etc. that make a person human. This stuff means there is real and actual stuff to relate to, interact and be with. Otherwise they have covered up what is going on.

When people appear on a reality tv show, they normally start showing off, pretending they are nicer and greater than they are. The big issue is they are pretending to be something they are not.

It is only after a while when they have relaxed and got on with being real, that they start being more themselves, they let people see who they are, that things get interesting for other people to see and watch.

Only then can people get to know them.

How to progress

To be successful, need to become more you, yourself, what you really are.

That is because, it is what you really are, your talents, abilities, purpose etc.

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