Consciousness can give a still and silent central axis upon which a person can ascend to the higher worlds.

With consciousness, a person can see the worlds as just a passing show.

Many people go on the side pillars of science (information), revelation, philosophy, religion. The central pillar or middle way of consciousness means a person is getting direct experience.
(Learned from Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi)

People who are successful with being aware are awake. Most people are just sleep through life.

Open mind

To experience new things with consciousness, a person has to have an open mind, receptive to new ideas, different ideas and the ideas of others. So not blocked off by prejudice, or thinking that other ways are nonsense, so that can experience them.

Judging and mocking things gets in the way of a person seeing.

This is about not being bigoted and small minded, of course a person still has to discriminate between good and evil, so to not put themselves and others in cataclysmically bad and dangerous situations.


Many people are astounded by how certain people know so much about the world and presume it is because of their great intellect. These people normally are aware of so much as they just look, watch, observe! It is very simple as most very effective things are.

Things that make it hard to look and be aware of things

Change: people’s thoughts, people’s feelings, societies, groups and everything below God changes. Once a person has seen something, it then becomes a thing of remembering it and it becomes history, it is not the now. It is hard to be aware of change, but it is necessary to be aware of things.

Being awake: most people go through life asleep, they do not look and see. People just travel to work, travel back and are not genuinely aware, awake and paying attention. Being awake uses up energy so times for rest are also important

Waking up the higher parts of oneself: a person has physical, psychological, spiritual and divine levels. A person has to be awake and working well on a spiritual level, to be able to see the spiritual level. It is the same with the other levels too.

Seeing that are wrong: when seeing things a person can see that they are wrong, or on the wrong about something. It takes great courage to do this. It also means a person.

Facing oneself

When a person is becoming aware, they are facing themselves. This is the hardest and most painful thing to do. Facing the pain, blood and guts of the physical body are nothing compare to facing the shit, pain and unpleasantness in the psyche.

The ego

A person may think they are being aware of everything, but it is actually just their ego. It is just looking at I, me and mine. My view of the world, what I think my world is, etc.

As a result, they do not see the world, just their own ego.

To counter act this, as a person focuses on the needs and welfare of other people.  Doing what God wants.  It is not about their own desires and wants, it is about what God wants.

So they see what is not, I, me, mine. The ego is obsessed with itself, will try and trick person and do everything it can just for the person to stay trapped in the ego world.

A person needs to look at the whole world which is one and not just themselves.

Even of a person’ s psyche, the ego is only it’s part of it. So by a person just focusing on their ego, they are only aware of a small part of their psyche, not their emotions, deeper thoughts, spirit, divine aspect and so on.


A person may just focus on themselves and so only aware of the ego. This is because they are only interested in themselves and their own problems.

As they are just looking at themselves, they are not aware of the world, just the ego. They are stuck in themselves so cannot see the world around them.

They look at their selfish wants and desires so do not see anything else.

On a general level this could just be them focusing on getting money, power, respect and so on.  As a result they do not see the whole world, because the whole world is one and is about the whole, not just them getting things.

If a person cares about others; then they will see others. However selfish people do not truly see others as they are of no interest to them.

Here and now

To be aware of what is really going on and not just pondering things a person needs to be aware of the here and now.
There are many different moments of the now.
Physical=this millisecond
Psychological=this lifetime
Spiritual=fete over many lifetimes
Divine=the time of the whole universe
God=the entire time span of this universe is but a fleeting moment in the mind of the Lord.

A person becomes aware of these levels of now, until gets to God.

To be aware of God need to be aware of now as God is in the now.

A person may be distracted from the here and now.

Future: dreaming of the great things thst may happen, or worrying about them.

Past: nostalgic about what happened in the past, this may be because they are recalling their youth, or simply that the past is known to them and not unknown, unpredictable and change.

Other places: this is to have a fantasy of what is going on elsewhere, or to escape the harsh reality of what may be happening now.

Only for now it is what is really happening by focusing on that now won’t be aware of all the levels of now.

However anything that is not now, is simply conjecture, wondering, deliberating, worrying, hoping and not what is really going on.

Everything is one

When a person is aware that everything is one, the person is aware that they can be conscious of everything. This is because they are it, as much as it is them, so can be aware of things as much as they are aware of themselves.


A spiritual person looks at the whole panorama of space and time. When being with a genuinely spiritual person, there is a feeling that they can see through you. They are on that transpersonal level that they know all is one.


Need to be conscious of being conscious.  This goes up to the higher levels.  It is something that animals tend not to do as they are just concerned with where there next dinner is coming from and so on.

Being aware of the unexpected

People often only look at and for the expected. The do not notice, see and ignore the unexpected.

There are great things going on in peoples’ psyches and inner worlds, but they do not see or notice them as they are not the usual things that they expect.

An examples of this in the physical world, is when native American Indians did not see Columbus’s ship arriving, even though it was huge. This was purely because they did not expect to see a ship as they have never seen one before.

This is to do with wanting the habit of what they already know and so expect. People are only looking at what they already know and is in their routine, not for new unknown things. Also they do not like the change of something new, because of the uncertainty, death of old ideas etc that this causes.

So need to be able to be aware of the unexpected.  Then will see and experience genuinely new things.

A good thing is to meditate on being aware of the unexpected.  Things being there that you do not expect. 

The unknown

People only like to look at what they know, not the unknown. This means they actually learn and experience nothing new. They also do not find out when they are wrong.

So need to meditate and look at the unknown.

The unknown is scary, because it could be benevolent or malevolent. So need to look first, examine and so on before leap. However can only know what a new thing is really like, once actually experienced, which is also what makes it so scary.  

A person needs to be brave, but of course not foolhardy., or stupid.


We block things out in order to be able to cope. If we saw them it would be too much for us and we could not deal with it.

For example blocking out having past lives, as cannot cope with the enormity of it all, all the bad things that have done in past lives, happened to us and their consequences etc.

We may block up high levels and higher things so as not to see them because we cannot cope.

So need to look at and for these blocks and I only remove them when will be able to cope with it.

Being worthy

Higher levels and knowledge have great power and can affect a great many things.

There are also many good and deserving beings and things on these higher Levels, so they also deserve to be treated well and cared for.

As a result a person can only see and experience what these things if they will do good and the right thing with them. As a result they have to be deserving and worthy. Until then, these things will be off limits, unseen and inaccessible by them.

As a person becomes more good and moral, they deserve more and so become more aware of these higher and greater things.

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