Truth and lies

Lies used for evil

Bad people often do not believe there is the truth, they are so in darkness from their selfishness they cannot realise their is the fundamental reality of truth.

This is especially true of people who lie a lot. Their lives are based on the non existance of a lie, so they look, feel and become like unreal people. They become what they are, a lie.

They also loose touch with reality as their lives are more based on lies which are things which are not true, than truth which is real.

They also loose touch with reality, because when a person lies, it is them telling the lie, so they will be affected by it and also come to believe it to one degree or another. For example that is why it is essential not to lie about being ill, because it may happen to a person as it affects their subconscious.

The truth has a subtle authenticity that non greedy people will be able to recognise. A light, real texture and authenticity.

Lies are dark, uneasy, wobbly and scary.  Like a wrong note produced by a musical instrument. They create an uncomfortable feeling on a psychic level.

On a fundamental level the truth is real and is what builds up success in reality.

Of course if a bad person wants something from a good person, it is okay for the good person to lie to stop the bad person getting something they would steal or treat badly.

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