Fantasy, reality and the truth

Most people prefer whatever is good news about themselves and bad news about others.

To mock the others they often do not mind if it is not true and to be satisfied with themselves they also often do not mind if it is not true.  This is because the desire for such things over rides this.

People may want the thing that is not good for them in the long run, because they want something now. They may not want to think about how it is bad for others, because they think it benefits them.

People do not like the feeling of shame for the bad things they have done, to see the dreadful problems and danger that could be around the corner as a result of their actions, what they have gotten wrong, when they are wrong and that fact they need ro change.  

This means people often prefer fantasy over reality and will be hostile to hearing a truth that does not tell them how great they are and how great what they are doing is. 

If a person does not want the truth, do not push it to them as they will react to defend themselves from it with great ferocity. They will see it as it an attack on their very nature. When they are in real trouble, they may decide they want to change.

While people want pride and other things, it can override the fact they need to know the reality of the situation.

When a person is wanting to serve god and do what is right, they realise the truth is best.  A person doing good then can face themselves and the truth because it is good.  A person who is not doing good,  cannot face the truth truth and the painful shame of their degraded existence.

As a result, the hardest thing a person can do is face themselves.

Most people are very much in a fantasy world.

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