A view of love

A view of love is that, it is when someone puts the needs of someone else before their own.

This is because somebody values somebody else, more than they value themselves.

They care about others, more than they care about themselves.

As a result they will even do things for this other person, as a priority over themselves.

When the other person is happy, they are happy.

When the other person is sad, they are sad.

So the person wants to let the other person have the last cookie in the jar, as they get pleasure, when the other person gets pleasure.

This creates a connection, the person is connected to the other person.

Love is a heart thing, you have to feel it

Things caused by and that are part of love

When talking to somebody else, the person is concerned about the other person and not about themselves, it is all about the other person.

When a person talks to somebody else they love, the other person can see themselves in the eyes of the person who loves them. This is because the loving person is just thinking about the person they love.

People who love each other operate as one.
The dark side of love

This is where somebody loves themselves, but doesn’t love others.

My love having things, but not other people.

They can love a thing that is not for the greater good, then it can do harm to the rest of the world

People can love having things such as if someone loves the taste of chicken, it means that they love the taste of the chicken in their mouth, which results in the chicken is not having a great life.

People can also love things that are not conducive to the greater good such as if someone loves murdering other people, then the love of murder is not conducive to the well being of others.

A person can also value a bad leader and what they stand for, then harm will be done.

As a result, a person is what they love. Which is why it is important to love good things and hate bad things. For example loving morality and hating selfishness.
The best love

The best thing to love is god and god’s morality. God wants what is best for the world and so then a person does what is right for the world.

Please see the section ‘Love (social skills)’ for more information on love.


People will come and go in your life, but you will always be with yourself. So a person needs to be able to love themselves.

For a person to be lovable, they have to love others and do good. This is is also so that a person can love themselves.

This is the same for God, God will always be there and a person needs to do good so God can love them.

A person has to be deserving and worthy of love, so that other people and God can love them. Also so that they can love themselves.

Mr Rogers ‘Love is at the root of everything, all learning, relationships. Love or the lack of it.’

Mr Rogers ‘The greatest thing we can do is let someone know they are loved and capable of loving.’

People loving you

You can’t buy love, you can buy dinners and get honors, but does not mean they will truly love you.

You can buy sex, but that is not love.

The way to be loved is to be lovable. So do you things that are nice and people will love you. Just doing things for people is one way of expressing love, you also have to be able to express love emotionally and so on.

It doesn’t mean anything if you do something for somebody, but there’s no love there, or expression of love.

You can give somebody something, or do something for somebody, but if you don’t do it with love and expressing real love, it’s not love.

You need to truly love others. By giving a lot of love to others, they will love you.

There are people who have lots of money, but no one loves them. It is how much people really love you in a way that matters, which is the real success of life.

You have to practice and learn about giving love to others.

You have to practice loving others and not hating others.

We need love

We all need love, to receive love.

We will need to be loved by someone, have friends who love us and so on. It’s important to have a partner who genuinely loves you.

It’s important to have people in your life who love you and to be able to receive love.

A big problem is if a person is unable to receive love, or if love is there, they are unable to receive it.

For example maybe they had a difficult childhood and so their barriers are up, are defensive and always fighting. They don’t realize that they are in a situation where they are loved, there is love there, they should open up to it and receive it.

We’ll need love and to receive love.

You need to love yourself

If you love yourself then you won’t be scared to be by yourself, or not be in a relationship, as you will always have love in your life.

People can’t love you if you don’t love yourself. Once you love yourself, people will be attracted to you.

The way to love yourself, is to think and do things that mean you can love yourself.

Then you will truly love yourself, it’s about it being real and not faking it to yourself.

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