Happiness and sadness

Happines from morality

Happiness comes from a clear conscience.

Happiness comes from doing good, sadness comes from having done evil.

God is happy with people when they do good, angry and sad with people, when they do evil. This makes people happy when they do good and not happy when they do evil.

People get what they need when they do good and so have a happy life. They do not when they do bad.

Gaining something by bad means never leads to long term happiness. It always has to be paid for and that includes feelings of guilt.

Comedians are often very sad people, because in the short term they think they can get happiness by putting other people down, so they think in relative terms they are better than others. However they are hurting other people, which in the long run gives them hurt and pain.

It is also because they get laughs as people are laughing at them and this is not nice for them.

Happiness from having things

People are happy when they gain, sad when they loose. So if someone bases their happiness on having things, it is never good in then long run as all physical rewards must pass.

Happiness and sadness are then two sides of the same coin as Kahlil Gibran says in his book ‘The Prophet. So cannot have one without at some time getting the other.

Far better to base your happiness on doing the right thing and a relationship with god.

All physical things give happiness when gained, but as they are impermanent will eventually pass away leading to sadness from loosing them. So in the short term physical things give happiness, in the long time people are no better off for having had them.

However god is permanent, doing good is God’s way, so it is the right thing.

Even emotions and feelings are impermanent, so not as important as God.

Doing good means you get what you need on all levels.

Dis satisfaction means you cannot be satisfied so are not happy. So sadness comes from wanting more than you have, so the more you want to have, the harder it is for you to be satisfied and the less happy you will be.

Wanting things is painful if not have what you want.


A person may be depressed but by looking at the good things they have done, they can stop being depressed.

Even the humblest person may have worked to support their children, done a good job at work, been kind to someone.

It does not have to be big, just something that has benefited the needs and welfare of others.

Ultimately the world needs to be a better place, for you having been there.

Sadness from wanting things

A person can be sad because they do not have what they want.

So the less the person wants, the easier it is for them to be happy. When a person is released from wanting something they cannot have, so they no longer have a desire for it, they become happy.

This is also because by not wanting it, they are not attached to it, so become free.

Enlightenment which reduces a person’s desire to have material things, will therefore make them happier.

Being depressed from mocking other people

People mock others because they want it to be that
▪they are better than others.
▪what they have is better than others.

However by hating others and what other people have, they are surrounded with with things they dislike.

When we look at things we love such as a beautiful woman, object, car, it makes us happy.

However by a person hating things and saying they are rubbish, they are surrounding themselves with things they do not like which will make them unhappy.

Stress and strain

Stress and strain means you are focusing on these on unpleasant things. This means that the person is not happy.

Also by focusing on stress and strains a person does not see the beautiful, wonderful; joyous things in life and get to enjoy them.


A person will not be happy if they want more than they have.

So if a person has all they want, then they will be happy.

If a person wants a lot more than they can easily get, then they will have a lot of stress, strain in trying vto get it, which can lead to unhappiness and anger

However even if a person does not want much, as everything below God is impermanent then eventually they will be sad as even that will go.

If a person does not want anything for themselves, then there will be no attachment, so there will be peace, happiness etc.

Coping with sadness

To help cope with sadness and even depression, see the beauty in it.

Sadness comes and goes, it is not permanent.

Sadness is energy, use the energy.

A person can choose where their happiness comes from, they can choose it to come from a particular hobby, lifestyle choice etc. Best for it to come from service and inner things. Need to not let outside things destroy happiness.

The middle way of happiness, being gently happy, avoids the constant ups and downs. This is because a person wanting excess can never be truly happy, as then the person can never have enough. Also the ups must come to downs, so best to have a middle way.
The happiness needed means have what needs, is manageable and worthy.

We are naturally happy

A person’s natural home is God, as in being with God.

As people we are naturally happy.

So need to just not let anything get in the way of your happiness.

A person can be happy, by just not letting events, people, desires, problems and so on, get in the way of them being naturally happy.


People who aim for happiness are often do not take responsibility. This also means that often do not take the time to learn develop etc.

Responsibility is not fun, can be boring, is stressful and a strain. It is often the buzz kill that stops the fun, because the responsible thing means the fun thing cannot be done, or done instead of doing fun things. The fun things can even be irresponsible.

However in the long term if people do not take responsibility, their lives do not go well, because they are not able to achieve and do things and get the reward that come from being responsible.

I’m the long term they do nothing and life falls apart.

In the end it is best to be responsible, but still take time out to have fun.

Achievement and creating things

People often think they will get happiness from having things, the biggest satisfaction comes from creating things, so a job well done that is a result for people.

An example could be fixing a tap for someone in the home, or building something for somebody. A real sense of achievement.


It is easy to think that enjoyment is happiness, when it is not. Enjoyment is deriviing pleasure from having the thing.
This is not happiness, happiness comes from being good and not succumbing to evil. Happines is also from how a person is and how they are, which is from not what they have.

It is easy to think that enjoyment is happines, when it is not.

Selfishly wanting happiness makes you depressed or less happy

When selfishly wanting something, you are clouded and get it less.

With things involving selfish lust, you are less happy.

A bit like how people in beauty salons selfishly wanting to be attractive, look ugly selfishly when they are selfishly wanting to be pretty.

When you selfishly want something you are clouded by your selfishness, so get it less.

If you work towards something you will get it, but that work is not selfish lust, it is doing work which is different.

If you do things to make others happy, you will be happier, as long as you are making them happy by giving them things that are genuinely good for them.

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