Social skills (how to get people to like you)

This is learned from someone who met Tony Blair the former UK pri minister.

1, He made the person he was talking to feel like the most important thing in the world.

2, Genuinly be interested in everything about the other person, not just generically, but their skills and other things. He did not go up to other people and mention about himself and what he had done, he just asked the person he was talking to about themselves and what they do.

3, He then deprecated himself in relation to the other person, by saying things like ‘I wish I could do that’ or ‘what you do is do much more important than what I do’.

4, He also acted with an openess of a best, trusted friend who cares about, admires and loves the person he was talking to as a best friend would. Normally people only do this openess with another person if they care, love and really trusts someone. This openess means on an astral level he really could be hurt, so most people normally only do this if they really trust the person they are talking to. This best friend stuff was of course a false promise that he wanted to be their best friend.

Of course Tony Blair used this for people to choose him for pri minister and other such roles.

General things, not specifically Tony Blair

Be very appreciative and thank ful of people and what they do.

Be humble. MN

An interest in people

Able to look at and be very aware of people’s feelings, this is the big one. For example can tell how people are hurt, when they are told that they are wrong or should do things differently.

Interested in people.

A communicator.

Then can know what they want and not to hurt them.

This means a person can be a warm, friendly person, that wants to hug other people and get them into the community.

This is about feelings and emotions, which is the opposite of somebody who is interested in logic, machines, calculations, physics and computers.

However, each person has a different makeup, this just may not be you. Your value may be in science, logic, computers, etc.

Do not be self absorbed

Being self absorbed is being preoccupied with one’s own thoughts, emotions, life, good qualities, bad qualities, what they look like etc.

A definition of love is to value the well being of others more, or as much as your own.

When being with people it has to all be about them, not at all about yourself.

So need to be firstly thinking about, interested in, hoping for and wanting the best for other people’s thoughts, emotions, life, qualities, what they look like etc. Also known as goodwill and best wishes.

Cannot fake it, actually have to do it, then you will shine and people will want to be with you.

Of course do not push it too far, have to make sure you needs are met so you can function and be well for others.

People liking and loving you

To be liked, a person has to like other people.

So by liking other people, a person becomes likeable.

Love is a bigger and greater version of like.

To get love, a person has to give love.

So by giving love to other people, a person becomes lovable.

You have to genuinely love other people. Love is a hugely powerful thing and it’s what does it.

Of course to do these things properly, they have to be done without any thought of return.

People will naturally like a person who loves God, God is the power behind all that all is made from and is one with. So by a person loving God, they love all.

People thinking you are awesome and wanting to get to know you

Be kind and empathetic.

Empathy means understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another. An empathic person can also do this without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in a physical manner ; also : the capacity for this

So you show empathy and ready comprehension of other people states. For example you are aware that someone needs something and helps them get it.

Also be fun, if you do fun things and share those experiences with others by telling stories with them and letting people join you it is a good way. However you have to do fun things and enjoy doing them to be able to do this.

People often do not care if a person is good or bad, just if they are charming or tedious.

Never tell people they are wrong

Highly advanced people want other people to say when they are wrong but these people are few and far between. Also this should only be done when the person really need to know that because what they are wrong about is relevant.

For the fast majority of people they want to know they are right and not that they are wrong about anything. This is to the smallest tiniest degree.

People want to know how to they are very right they are and how good it is they are right about it.

However be careful of flattery which is telling people how great they are, or something they have is, for insincere reasons, or telling them that something is great when it is not.

So only tell someone it’s great when it is and also only for the right reasons. Needs to be done because that you want someone to be well and good. It must not be not because you selfishly want something from them, or even worse that you are being dishonest with them to get it.

Being fun

Need to be fun for people to want to be with you, that is what you are, play games, joke and enjoy being with others like a party. People will want to be you because it is like fun at a party.

However people who are in that mood are not reliable and organised. People are often wanting to be with such people, like sales people can be like this. However they are no good at actually producing things, because doing those things is boring. People do not want to be with people who are boring.

So need to be able to change from being fun and enjoying yourself when want people to want to be with you. To being focused determined and organised, when things actually need to be done.

Happy and Joy

People want to be around people who are happy and have joy.

Have a look at Britney Spears, she is happy and full of joy, that’s why people want to be around her.

She’s enjoying things, and the things she does.

So when you have a performer or dancer, they’re enjoying themselves. Other people will only enjoy whatever you do, if you are as well.

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