Signs of genuine morality

If you count what you have given away to other people, it means you expecting a reward and it is not true benevolence. So do not count what you have given away.


True morals are about service.

As morals are about service, whether a person is serving a good or evil being will determine if they themselves are good, or bad.

A person needs to serve good and destroy evil.

Should only serve people who will treat what you give them properly and who deserve it. Although never get extreme with this as mercy is always needed.

By serving God you are doing good, because God wants what is right for the universe. If you serve a bad person, then you will be doing bad, because a bad person does not want what is right for the universe.

When you are serving God correctly, you have given yourself to God, so you are God’s. God then owns and instructs you, as god is your master.

However God is a good master, so wants you to be well and free.

Signs a person is serving a good master

A good master wants other people to do things not for the master, but for others.

A good master wants the follower to be true to thenselves and an individual, not just follow orders and be a clone of the master.

A good master wants to people to learn, knowing eventually that the pupil will exceed and be better than the master.

Although the master needs some obedience from the servant, the master want the servant and to be as well as possible and not oppress them in any way.

The master only wants a servant to follow them if they would like to, lets them make their own mistakes and is fine if the servant goes elsewhere whenever they would like to.

In truth the master is there to serve the servant, so the servant can be as well as possible from having served the master.

The servant when serving the master is doing what they are told, not just in physical actions, but also psychologically, intellectually and spiritually. So if the servant goes downhill on these levels there is a problem with the master. The master is not just telling them what, but from his example also showing how and why to do it.

How to become more moral

Think about the needs and welfare of others, this must be the motivation, what keeps the person interested and focused on doing it.

The needs, welfare, feelings, worries and so on of others must really matter.

The person does not think so much about their own wants, purposes as they are so focused on others.

Their purpose is to do what is right for God, the universe and others.

Need to really care about God and others on all levels, physical, psychological, emotionally, spiritually, divine and with God.

So need to be aware of, feel other people’s joy, sadness etc. If care about other people will do this.

Of course need to have what you need to serve others. The big thing is the difference is between having what you want and having what you need. Also the person has it for the sake of others, so can serve others. Having what you want is a never ending cycle, that leads to people wanting more and more, this is far in excess of what you need.

When this is done right, the person has what they need for serving others. For example, the food they eat is so they have the energy and a healthy body for serving others.

It is about motive, why the person is doing it. For example:

•To get money enough money to live, survive and procreate like a vegetable. These people tend to be the workers who do as little as possible, just enough to get by.

•To be the best, top dog, number one in the competition, head of the pack and power, like an animal. These people tend to be the politicians, leaders etc.

•For the glory of God. These people are the most productive and produce the greatest work.

Whereas the thief is looking for an opportunity to steal. The good person is looking for an opportunity to do good.

Signs that someone is not moral

People will of course pretend they are highly moral, but the following saturday things can be subtle giveaways.

▪ excessive lust for example when having food in front of them.
▪ look at people when they think nobody is looking at them, for example when out walking down street.
▪look at people doing a minor interaction with someone they do not regard as important to their life, you may see a very different person. It could be something as subtle as a hand movement or one minute a twitch in their voice which gives away their disregard for others.
▪ fear for their own well being.

Levels of morality

This is best described in the amazing book The Bhagavad Gita.

Tamas: laziness and indifference this is the worst of all.

Rajas: doing things purely for reward.

Sattva: doing things because it is right.

If you are at Tamas, it is best to work towards Rajas and then later go to Sattva. Going straight from Tamas to Sattva in one go for is often an excessive short term goal which will only result in failure.

Light and dark

When a person thinks about others, creates for others and gives what they have for others, they are like a shining light. As what they have is for others, they receive even more from above because it is for other people and creating for other people. There is a circle of giving to others, so more comes down from above. As a result of this circle of giving for others, more comes from above, for going to others, things get bigger and bigger and better and better, lighter and lighter.

When just thinking about yourself and taking for yourself, no light is produced, it is just sucked in like a black hole. A person does not get things from above because it is just about taking, it is not to serve others at, they are just taking for themselves. The person becomes more dead, lacking energy, wisdom and becomes more lifeless.

Being deserving

God gives people the good looks, energy, intellect and wisdom that they deserve and will treat properly. If they earn these things and then mis treat them, they will loose them.

If you need and deserve energy, you will receive it. Things you have must be for god, god wants what is best for others and the world.

So whatever a person has, be it a company, child, an investment and so on. It is for god and owned by god, it is not theirs.

Short and long term

Doing good may seem like pain, suffering, hard work and losss in the beginning, but in the long term is always the best way.

Doing bad may seem like pleasure, enjoyment, easy and gain in the short term, but in the long time will be a huge disaster which the person will pay for.

A person’s lower sensual desires may make them want things in the short term, which is why a person has to listen to god and think about the long term. A person needs to think about their future incarnations and lives, it is that long term.

God thinks about the lifetime of this universe, the universe after this one and after this one. Even the duration of this universe is under a minute in the mind of god, god thinks that long term.

So to be moral a person has to be able to do the long term.

A person’s desire for gratification can make them want something now. They selfishly want it and cannot wait. This may mean they do it at the wrong time.

For example:

Spending money before have earned it, means have to borrow. Paying the interest in something for consumption and not investing, means paying more in the long term so getting less.
They want to eat the cake now, they are focused on this so cannot see any more than selfishly eating the cake. So they do not think about what is right for others, doing work which will create things for the future, what is going on in the rest of the universe etc.

A person does not want to do work as it seems boring and painful now. They cannot see how it will create things for the future and help others.

The advantages of doing things from service

It is best to focus on service and not on reward.

Most people spend most of the energy dreaming of reward and very little going into the job.

As servers are focused on the job, not on the reward, they can do the job again and again not worrying about failure. They can change things and take risks. They have huge persistence, are able to continue and are not affected by failure.

Being free from dreaming about reward, they are clearer in what they are doing.

By doing good service, they receive more energy wisdom and ability from god. This is so they can do the good things better, as what they do is for others.

As all their energy and focus is on service and not just dreaming of reward, they perform so much better.


When a person is just thinking of them selves and what they receive (the ego). The person does not see the whole world, others and so on. They are only interested in themselves so only see themselves and their corner. This means they do not see the rest of, all of the world and how it works.

By caring about others, one becomes aware of the rest of the world and how it works. This is because the person is interested in the world and not just themselves, as they care about the world.

As the world is one unit, operating as a whole, with consequences, comings and goings etc. The person is then aware of how the world really works, they see the whole and bigger picture.


When someone is doing something morally they just get on with it, they may not get a reward but ‘so be it’, they just get on with it. They do the work.


Focus on the job, not the reward.

Just like aiming a gun, a person needs to focus on the target and the rest will follow.

The driver looks at where the car should go and the rest follows.

Need to focus on the aim, as then the sub conscious and even the higher worlds can help and get on with it. However that aim to create something for others and not personal reward.

Dreaming of the personal reward is the opposite of focusing on the job and getting it done. Most people spend most of their energies dreaming of reward and not getting on with the job.

So need to focus on what on the aim, get on with the job and not fantasise of personal reward.

Focusing on the aim is constructive, dreaming of reward is just selfish wants that do not create anything.

Although focusing on the aim is needed to be successful. It may not necessarily be moral if that aim is sonething for yourself.

It needs to be an aim to create something which is for others. So for example, a business person aims at making money, but that money must be dedicated to God and others.

Being moral can be boring

Many people believe that morality is a bit boring, a bit like being in a quiet serene country club, with nice company and gentle food.

Many people prefer the loud, flashy, sexy, bright lights, alcoholic drinking such as in a gambling town. They get bored without them and so want them.

They see these things as exciting. This is even though such things always have another side of pain and suffering.

To be frank being moral is boring, things always go nicely and well is boring and not exciting.

People for example often are friendly with and associate themselves with less nice because it is more exciting and interesting. It may be for the challenge as such people are more difficult to handle and deal with, or because of the excitement caused by being with such people because of the naughty things they do.

This is like how films and novels have a story where something has gone wrong. Once the problem in the story is sorted out and there is a happy ending, the film or novel finishes as it is boring and not entertaining.

However a person normally choose this excitement and not the nice boring way because the person does not care about others, so want for these things are not over ridden by caring for others.

So if you are with people please remember you may need to do the second one with many of them, or many people will find you boring.

A person who cares about others realises that drugs, alcohol, gambling and so on causes them damage which means they are not able to serve others, help others and may even become a burden to them. A person who cares about others is also motivated to spend their time and energy helping others and not doing these selfish tbings.

Yes morality may seem a bit boring, but the resulting pretty, quiet, serene joyousness is the best way of having inner peace, so being happy and does not lead to negative karma.

Focus on service and not on reward

If a person is focused on service then they are doing the job.

If they are focused on enjoyment and indulgence of things then that is the opposite. However that does mean the person does not enjoy things and get pleasure from things so much.

It means the person does not get so stressed and frantic about whether they get things or not. They also do not have the massive lows from when they eventually loose the reward or things go wrong. They are not so focused on getting these rewards for themselves; they do not see so much if they have them.

So even if a person has lots of reward, it makes little difference to them as they are not thinking about them all the time.

A person who does good naturally receive happiness, pleasure and joy. This is good at this not be rejected or seen as a bad feeling. It is just that the person is not chasing it for themselves.

Things it takes morals to do

Admit to yourself that you are wrong, this is far harder than admitting it to others.

Not want revenge. People punishing others for the sake of the other person needing a learning experience, if the other person has not learned the lesson and will not learn any other way is fine. However not a person getting revenge on another person because they want it for themselves to be even.

Emotions and feelings

A good person feels:
▪really good when they do something good (as they care about goodness in the universe as a thing in itself, doing the right thing and also the other person they have effected by their actions)
▪really bad when they do something bad. (for the same reason)

An evil person:
▪really bad when they do something good. (as they feel like they have lost something)
▪really good when they do something bad (as they feel like they have gained something)

So it is about what the person is focused on.


Moral people are more productive as they are focused on service and are not using up time and energy worrying about the loss of what they have given away.

They are focused on giving, producing and helping, not on loosing things from having given them away, rejection and failure. This gives them huge energy, enthusiasm and creativity as they are not worried by loss and they are not worried by having used up their time and energy and getting nothing in return.. They just care about creating, the long term and others.

They are fine and may not even notice or care if they have:
▪given away energy when they gave someone happiness
▪felt smaller when they lifted someone up with a compliment
▪smiled at someone and the other person did not smile back
▪put time and energy into a project that failed.

As they are focused on giving and not interested, or worried by what they have lost

How being moral benefits a person

People who look after themselves best, manage it because they care about others. It is easy for them to do things to keep themselves healthy as it is for the other people who benefit by them being well. If the person is well then others can get the best service from them.

If a person does not look after themselves so they are unhealthy, then they cannot serve others well, their bad health will he a burden on others, it is not nice energies and stuff to be putting into the universe and it is not pleasant for other people to see and be around the person.

Also people who do things for others end up being healthy, because the higher worlds ensure this as it is for the sake of other pe ople who get things from them.

Getting bigger and bigger, greater and greater, higher and higher.

When a person does good and is doing things for others, God gives the more tools, teachings and energies and so on.

This is because the person is doing things for God and right so deserves more.

Like a snowball going downhill, accumulating and gaining more and more snow, going faster and faster, getting bigger and bigger and so on. A person who does good for the sake of God will become more and more intelligent, capable, energised, brilliant and have more and more in their life.


To be moral a person has to realise that everything has consequences.

For example, a person may want to hit or steal from a person, but will mean that other person wants revenge and in some way eventually they will get it, also guarding from that other person uses up energy and resources

So to be moral need to be aware of consequences.

The selfish desire to have something can lead to a person just looking at that and not consequences.

Often a person becomes more moral because their life has gone so badly. People are horrible to them, they have no money, nasty things keep on happening to them, they are sad angry and not happy.

They realise that this has happened as a result of their selfishness, so they go the other way and be good, because they have experienced that being selfish does not work and never want to do it again.

Needs and wants

However much a person wants, they will always want more. When a person sees something they want it.

They may think they can be satisfied, they will be happy when get more, but will get used to that and soon want more.

The solution is for a person to just focus on what they need.

For some people the person just wants enough food, water, clothing and warmth to be fine.

However each person is different, with a different make up, talents and so has different needs.

One person may need time to think, another space to run and for each of those people the other thing may be useless.

Only a person themselves knows what they need.

No one else can tell another person what they need.

A person has to be true to themselves and their own needs.

Everybody is different and unique.

However with needs, once u person has what they need, they do not need anymore. It does not grow and grow and grow, so morally they just have what they need and no more.

The best morals is for a person to have what they need for serving others. For example they eat just the food needed to have the energy they need for doing a job for others.


To be moral and in fact for anything to work, people have to care.

Care about the needs and welfare others and things going well.

Caring is an emotional, feeling thing and awareness thing, not just intellectual.

Self justification

A person needs to think they are doing the right thing.

People from ego, make themselves the hero of their own stories.

However a person in their heart of hearts knows the truth. If a person is not doing the right thing they feel awful, have a hard time sleeping etc.

When a person wants something, they can then try and justify why they are doing it, that it is right to do it, when it is not.

So please try and look out for self justification.

●You may be doing something wrong.
●You may be doing it for the wrong reasons, so you pretend to yourself are doing it for a reason are not doing it for.
●It may not be the right thing to do.

So by looking out for self justification, can see what should really be doing and why people really do things.

Whatever happens deep down in reality a person will know it is wrong, images will come up in their mind etc.


The hardest person to admit that you are doing the wrong thing to, is yourself.
The pain, humiliation and hardship of the knowing what doing is wrong, or have done is wrong. This is the biggest pain and sadness of all. That is why people have to drink, take drugs and get depressed, because of this sadness and pain.

The pain, muck and unpleasantness of the physical world, is nothing compared to that of the psychological world.

For a person to learn, progress and be moral, a person has to admit to themselves that they have done this wrong things.

Without a sense of shame, a person cannot be moral.

Even if they have consciously not admitted to themselves that they have done the wrong thing, their subconscious is probably punishing themselves anyway. Need to be careful not to punish myself too far so as to damage oneself.

It could even be for things a person did in their past life, that they are not even conscious of.

A human moment

On the path to becoming more moral need to have a human moment.

This is where are reflective.

Realise that are just a human being, the pain and suffering that have caused other people by things that have done wrong.

Realise the other people have hurt.

Then will be sad, often cry.

Then hopefully will try to reconcile with people to resolve these problems.


A person can only be truly moral if they take responsibility for what they have done and what they are doing. That it was them that did not behave correctly, it is not anyone else’s fault, they did it.

Only once a person is taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, how they affect others and God, can they really see what is right or wrong.

Although a person must behave properly themselves, they cannot take responsibility for the bad choices other people may choose to do, that is their own karma.


First a person has to believe they are redeemable.

Then they learn that they have a choice and so can be moral.

Then as a person comes to understand the importance of moral values, the deeper becomes their shame, guilt, regret and sorrow when they think of their previous victims.

Selfish desire

Selfish desire is a dark energy of wanting things for yourself. It wants more, thinks will be happy and satisfied when has more but never is.

It leads to a person having a dark selfishness. They want things now and cannot wait, getting stressed, pushy and aggressive to others to get it. This aggression and dark energy effects them and so is damaging and shakes them apart as well. They become this dark hole.

Morals and good are a real thing

Morals and good are a real thing, force, concept, happening.

Evil and selfishness are also a real thing.

People who are selfish often cannot tell that good and evil are real things in the universe.

Need to meditate on, think about, focus on, have your heart and set on, be passionate about this real thing in the universe. Then as morals matter the person builds on and does these things for the sake of morality.

Like a person may care about a building, to that person morals matter and will be something a person really cares about.

As morals are a real thing, when a person has morals, others can tell and feel that they have that thing / are aligned with good from God.

This is because morals are from God and a person is just aligned with them.

In the same way others can tell and feel if a person is of evil and taking as that is a real force, thing, entity in the universe.

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