Body language

Basic concepts

Softness and openess is being nice to someone. Soft is to be gentle, nice like it is going to be good and nice to things.

Hardness and being closed is being nasty to someone.  

Spikey sharp features are to be hurtful to people, eg lifting top lip to show front top incisors.  Also sharp movements.

Height is good and capable. High up is seen as good, right. 

Low down is seen as bad, wrong, incapable.

(Please note with the voice, low can be seen as masculine and strong which is necessary for a man and situations where aggression is needed)

Open is to be nice and let people in, or giving of what have to others.

Closed is to block others from getting in, or from getting things from yourself. Closed is not giving things from yourself or giving things away.


Jerky movements with fast starts and stops are aggressive. It can be from fear as that leads to aggression.

Soft, slow, gentle movements with gentle starts and finishes are seen and felt as benevolent.

Often a sign of intelligence is not to move at all, basically when there is no reason to.  Moving excessively can be because are stressed, or just lack of ability to control ones body as are less intelligent and capable.

Implementation of those concepts

Facial expressions

A benevolent friendly face:

▪Wide open eyes
▪Soft muscles all over your face
▪Open mouth (but not too much)
▪High up cheek muscles, top of your eyelids. Also lift up your eyebrows a bit.
▪High up sides up of your mouth to make a smile. Do not want to especially lift up top centre of mouth where incisor teeth are, as these pointy sharp teeth are sign of aggression. A great smile needs the sides of the mouth to be really high up, after doing this for a while, the muscles at the side of the mouth really hurt, it takes time to be able to build up these muscles.

Stupid and boring face:

▪Top of eyelids dropped down like asleep
▪Eyes looking downwards
▪Mouth generally low and dropping downwards
▪Head dropping downwards like asleep

So it is basically things falling down, you are not lifting them up as like you are asleep.


A smile where the sides of a person’s mouth are really high up giving a huge grin, does not necessarily mean that a person is giving others’ love. It means the person is happy, which is not quite the same emotion.

A smile means that the person is happy and all is well. When used in the context of another person or thing, it means that they are well.

To give love a person needs to have the sides of their mouth raised, but doing it loads means the person is very happy, not that they are giving love.
Raise the top of your upper eyelids so it is like you are looking up to the person you are talking to.

This also creates openness of the eyes, so you are being open, soft with them, letting them in, letting your good energies and so on come out to them, being friendly and giving to them. attention.

Looking good:

▪Harmonious emotion.
▪Not expressions that contort the face, so a look of love is great, but a massive huge grin like a massive smile contorts the face.

Looking young:

•Things higher, so the mouth eyelids, eyebrows, cheek muscles higher.
•Softer so muscles relaxed, because age toughens things.
•Can move things with ease, quickly and with energy. This is because are younger so have more energy.

•Parts of the body higher as when get older, get weaker so carry parts of the •Body lower.
•Muscles soft.
•Move with ease, no straining especially as muscles are softer and easier.
•Move with energy, if you are older a person can only keep this up for so long.

Basically for looking younger, a person looks like they have more energy. So more energy is used up and an older person have to be careful.


Posture is very powerful, it expresses emotions, thoughts, relationshop to others, health, size, spirit, connection to God and all kinds of things.

For example a person standing straight and tall signifies they are at the top of the social hierarchy, in charge.

A person bent over, not standing straight denotes they might be a servant being told what to do.

This is because the person higher up is giving the orders, the person lower down is being told what to do.

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