Being good in bed

Women need to emotionally connected with a man before they open up ‘downstairs’.  This needs loads of romance sing and courtship, taking her for dinner and being romantic.

A lady will have a stronger orgasm if the man has done loads of foreplay beforehand. The women’s orgasm actually stems from long forplay.

A man can get aroused an orgasm within a minute, a lady can take half an hour or more to get more and more aroused.

If a lady ever says that something tickles, such is when you kiss her neck. It is because she has not opened up to you yet, is feeling defensive so she goes all tight and to her it tickles when you do something. It is the same when going down to her ower regions as well.

It takes lots of courtship and time from the man,  for her to feel comfortable with you, open up to and submit to you.

If the man manages to give the lady an orgasm, she will think that he is marvellous. The man must make sure he keep the romance going after orgasm, so he does not ruin that and she still thinks he is wonderful.

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