Womens’ grudges against their boyfriends

As genetically women are less strong than man,  they have compensated for this by being more persistent. A woman will hold out far far longer than a man will.

If a woman want a man to jump out of a window, the man should just make sure he is on the ground floor, because eventually it will happen.

This goes on to an issue called the grudge list.

This grudge list, is a list of things that have annoyed the woman and that she thinks are unfair and eventually the man at some future time will pay for it.

Women like it to be that the man loves and support them as loves them so much, so spends all that time and money on them.  Anything that does not go to towards this, is seen as a waste and so it goes on the grudge list.

They may be fine if a man does things that makes the man happy, but that is only to make the man happy in order to better self them.  An example maybe a man going to watch football, it will make the man happy so she will be fine with this as a happier man will then be better at serving the woman.

However for example with present buying for the lady, let’s say a man spends money on something she does not want and the man should know better, she will be unhappy at this waste of stuff not going to her wants. 

Examples of things that make you go on the grudge list:

The lady needs a laptop and may even ask for one.  So the man spends £600 pounds on one, but she would have been fine with it £200 pound laptop, because most ladies don’t care about computers. Most ladies value and want pretty things like jewellery and so the man has wasted £400 pounds as it is what the man is interested in but not what she wanted.

People are never thankful for getting what they need, they are thankful for  what they want. You may know they need it, but they will not be thankful if it is something they did not want.

2, If a man is watching television and asks his girlfriend if it is okay,  the lady may say that it is okay,  but it is not as she wants him to spend time with her.  As women are not about for force and strength, they may not say that they are not okay with it, but will put it on grudge list for gently making the man pay for it later.

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