Find out what customer wants and deliver it quickly.

David Goldman founder of Sage software always demonstrated outstanding judgment in the face of surrounding skepticism. Whilst never underestimating the need for sound financial planning and the constant assessment of risk, David Goldman believed that being an entrepreneur meant constantly recognising and exploiting new opportunities.

Motivation for being an entrepreneur

1, Money: the person taking the risk is the person that owns the business. They get the profit from the entreprise.

2, Independence: the entrepreneur is often a person who would like to do what they think is right and should do. Not just be told what to do and have to do it, compromise what they want to do, because of what their boss says, hit management’s targets etc . The entrepreneur would like freedom to do what day would like to do and think they should do.

This can also be because the entrepreneur has certain talents, skills, reason to be and mission and they need this freedom to fulfil that. They need this freedom so they can be true to themselves.

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