Relationship with God

Serving God

Walk humbly with God.

A person must serve god, serving god means a person ends up doing the right thing, because god cares about the whole universe and its evolution. So by serving God, a person is doing the right thing for all.

This means a person must listen to god and do what they are told.

Many people do not accept God, because it means taking on duty to do the right thing and responsibility, as that is what God is about.

Loving and respecting God is not just good for God, it also means that the person does what God wants them to do in the world. As they love and respect God, they do what God would like them to do.

So by a person loving and respecting god, it changes the person and their behaviour.

Prayer changes the person praying, it does not change God.

A person’s well being

A sufi once said that a person is closer to God, than their own jugular.

A person’s relationship with God at any moment determines how they are.

People can change in how good they are to God moment to moment.

If something goes well selfish people are happy with God.

If something bad happens to them, they are angry with God.

So selfish people often change how they are to God, depending on how they and their life changes. As a result their well being goes up and down every moment.

If they are angry with god then they and their life will be bad.

If God is happy with them then they will be happy and their life will be good.

If a person cares about God, for the sake of God and because they know that God is the right way for all. Then they will be good to God and love God whatever happens to them.

Being happy and well

When a person is doing good, they are spiritually on a higher level, so are closer to being with god and god happiness.

When a person is doing bad they are spiritually lower, so on the lower less happy levels further away from God and God’s happiness.

If a person loves God and doing good then God will love them and they will feel and receive that love. As a result that person will be happy and well.

If a person hates God and so is doing evil, then God will hate them. As a result that person will be sad, unwell and full of hate and despondency.

When God loves a person, everything goes well. This is an instant thing that happens instantly.

So a person will not be happy because they have something, it will be because they are doing good for God.

Being good and bad with God

Just like when doing a bad job for an employer, or can be good or bad with other people, a person can be good and bad with God.

Examples include:

▪Talking to God and not listening. Just like how a person can stupidly talk and not listen. God is the teacher and master, humans are the servants and students, so must listen.

▪Being nasty to God, because God is different to us. Just like racism, a person maybe bad to God because God is different from them.

▪Saying if God is not good to them, or if things fo not go well then they will be bad, hateful or disrespectful to God. A person must be good to, love and respect God, whatever happens to them.

▪Competing with God: trying to pull God down or mock God, to try and be better, or think are better than God.

▪A person should be thankful to God and not think they are entitled to things, or take them for granted.

Doing the right thing

A person should be concerned about what God thinks of them, if God approves of them and let that be the judge. Not what other people think of them and what they are doing.

So first be concerned and guided by what God thinks is right first, before what other people think.

As people are not as moral as God and cannot perceive so much. What God and sees to be correct, other people may see as wrong.

Is not about whether other people, love, hate, respect, disrepect, agree, disagree, approve or disprove with and of you. It is whether God does.

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