Business (the long term)

The best way to make money is to have very satisfied customers for so they stay in the long term.

The big money is made if you have a customer and they stay with you, then in 10 years time you are still making money from that customer.   As have you paid off your advertising cost for getting that customer, 8 or 9 years ago, that is where in the long term the big money is made.

If you skimp on quality and do a less good job, you may think you will make a lot of money in the first few months, you never really do:

•they will not stay long enough for you to pay off your advertising to get those customers
• in a long time you will always be spending lots of money on advertising and doing the initial sales work to start that customer with you.  Customers will not be staying long enough to pay off those costs
•eventually the bad word from dis satisfied customers will get around and no one will use you
• you will not have the all important satisfied customers, that will recommend your service to others. Also will have told other people how good you are, so when they see your advertising, they buy from you because they heard about how good you are from these other people.
• dissatisfied customers use up time and are frustrating and difficult for your staff to deal, so is the business can never function properly.
• if the company does great work, it will be respected and nice place to work. So you will be able to easily attract the best staff who will want to work there.

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