Business (general)


It is the idea and it’s implementation that matters, if you think throwing money at something is the answer then you are dead.

Long term success

If you spend your time working out how to give less to the customer for the same amount of money, in the long term your business will die.

You need to work out how to give more to the customer for the same amount of money, or how to give the same to the customer for a cheaper price.

The only foundation of real business is service. The original sale is not when the sale is completed, that is just an introduction. If you do not give good service from this first sale then it would be better if you had never had this introduction at all, because the dis satisfied customer is the worst of all advertisements. People will tell many many people when they are unhappy with a service, far far more than when they are happy with one.

The real money is made when they return for more cars in the future, or refer a friend, both are sales without the advertising costs.

If you have a bad product, word will get around and eventually you will have a service that is not cost effective to try and sell.

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