Social skills (good energies)

You need to be able to put people at ease

If you are a ease with yourself, at ease generally and at ease with them, then they will feel at ease as well.

If you are comfortable with yourself, then other people will too.

As all the world is one, how you are bleeds onto and effects others. So the discomfort of a person being uncomfortable with themselves, is uncomfortable to others to be around. As are other things like self loathing etc.

You also need to be full of good energies as that is what comes off you and onto other people.

If you go to a party by yourself and get stressed when you are there, your stress is something that people will not want and so people will want to stay away from you, so it is counter productive.

To be relaxed, chilled, loose, not tense, laid back and happy, full of joy, it has to be like everything is okay.

If you are stressed, anxious and worried by problems, then you will not be nice to be around. The unpleasant energies come off you onto them and so you will be annoying to be a round.

In social situations people want to have fun and enjoy themselves, they do not want to be stressed and working. When you are being social with somebody, they are joining you, being together with you, part of your world. If you are relaxed, laid back and having fun, they will want to join you being that.

If you are creating fun then people want to be with you, but most of all you need to actually be fun. If you are fun and are open so that other people can be part of it, then you are fun and people want to be with that.

If you are stressed, working, embarrassed, uncomfortable, having a hard time, they will not want to join you and be with you.

Also do not try too hard, if you are stressing and straining people will experience from you and get that energy coming over, which they will not like.

Also as your stress and more unpleasant energies go onto other people from you, other people will become stressed themselves and react badly to you, as they now have these unpleasant energies so will start to behave unpleasantly .

Also they will not want to be with you because they will get these unpleasant energies.

Also if a person has all these negative energies, other people have to sort them out. This uses a lot of the other person’s emotional energies and resources.

So it is important to be relaxed, happy and so on, in order to get the best results. People will naturally get these energies from you and will want to be with you to get them.

It goes further than this. All the world is one, so when one person becomes happy, other people do as well. When people are happier, they are nicer and kinder to other people. So if you are happy, other people around you will become happy and so will be nice to you. If you are happy, people around you will be happy, so will be nice to you.

To help do this:
▪serve the person you are talking to, if your energies are for other people, so they eminate and spread from you onto others. As it is for other people, then good energies will come down from above as it is for others

  • If you are selfish, then you will have all the negative selfish energies that come from wanting things. These are not so nice for other people to experience.

▪lighten up, have fun, this is also for the sake of the person you are talking to, if it is for them, then they will get to enjoy you enjoying things too.
▪it must not be about what you want, selfishly wanting the other person’s company, that is taking, dark and heavy. It is about you serving the other person by you being good company for them.
▪by being a good moral person, a person will have good energies. If a person is evil, they will have bad ones.

Jim Carrey the comedian found that people want to be ‘Free from concern’, so in his act he is a person who is.

Anger, sadness etc.

If a person is angry and they smile at someone else. It will not matter that they have smiled physically. The fact that they are angry and have those energies, means the other person will get that anger and not want to be with them.

They are receiving anger from that first person, as they are receiving anger then they themselves will become more angry. Also they will not like that person as they are getting anger from them and out of revenge will be angry back for that.

If a person is sad, then other people also will not want to be with them as they are getting sadness from them. Also other people around them will be sad as they are getting sadness from this person.

If a person is happy and smiles at someone else, the other person cannot help but smile back and be happy. That person is receiving happiness from the first person, so will themselves become happy and will also like the first person for giving them that happiness energy.

It goes so far that if someone wants to attack you, if you are happy, that other person will be full of happiness. As they are then full of happiness they will not want to, or be able to attack you.
Happiness makes people generous and kind.


When people say that a person has a good heart, it refers to their feelings and emotions. So when you have good feelings and emotions like happiness, love and joy, be open so they can spill out onto other people. Then they can feel, enjoy and experience them.

This will also affect you physically in your mannerisms and expressions, so they will be able to see you have good feelings and emotions as well.

Ultimately to have good emotions and feelings, a person has to be a good giving person.

It’s like certain people have a flame of bringing people together and happiness, for that flame to grow and live they have to share it with others.

They are the people who regularly organize barbecues so their friends stay together.

Be true to yourself

Relax, then people will feel the same and like you. It is also far easier for you, as a result you will be happier, more comfortable and people will like you as they are getting these energies.

Be your natural self, true to yourself, people can then enjoy you as there is something really there and not a fake nothing.

By relaxing it lets the real inner you come out for others.

Adapting to people for their sake so they feel comfortable with you is good as it is for them. However pretending to that you are greater and better than you are and showing off is a selfish thing.

Trying to con people that you are greater and better than you are, is a huge amount of work and strain. It is also a deceit which is a very uncomfortable feeling. People will pick up this angst, strain and darkness a bd not like you for it.

Be at ease with yourself

To be a gentleman need to be at ease with your own skin and yourself.

Hemmingway ‘Nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.’

Look at the good things in life

There is a time for taking responsibility looking a life’s difficulties and problems. This is what I need to do in real life to solve problems and be effective.

This is stressful and not fun, so not for people to enjoy being with you. A person in social situations needs to look at the good things in life, because that is what people enjoy and have fun with.

Some people may enjoy if it is mocking others, but that is a different thing, as it is the enjoyment of putting others down. This can go down a dark path though.

Goodness and toxins:

Evil / toxins:

Badness and evil are not nice for other people to be around. They rub off on other people and so they will not want to be a person who is them.

Bad things are hateable and not likeable.

So if a person is those things, other people will not want to be around them.

Examples are narcissism, vanity, frustration, arrogance, lust for power etc. These are basically just some of the things that come from selfishness and so lead to sadness, did satisfaction etc.

Also this badness and evil will rub off on other people so they become insecure, selfish, sad and all the other things that come from selfishness and evil.


If a person is goodness and so is good things, for example kindness and caring. People will want to be around that person.

These things also run of on others and so people will want to be around that person. People just get better and have these things from being around that person, eg. confidence, optimism etc. Other people succeed and just get better from being around that person.

Goodness and these good things are also lovable, so people will love and like a person who is them.

Basically by being good everything just works.

By being evil it does not.

Stress repels people

People do not want to be around people who are stressed. They do not want the negative energy and feeling.

So make sure you are calm as you can be and at ease when taking to people, as they will want to be around that energy. This also makes you open and able to feel other people’s energies which makes life lovely and good. You cannot do this if you are stressed and worried, as they are overaught by stress and worry.

Be calm, at ease, like everything is fine and nothing to worry about. To do this, focus on the positive and the things you can do, not the things you can’t.

It’s important you feel comfortable, people like to be around people who feel comfortable. If you start worrying about what people think of you and stuff like that, you will no longer feel comfortable.

If you don’t feel comfortable, people can’t enjoy whatever it is you are doing with them, whether it’s joking around or whatever.

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