Social skills (being seen as a nice person)

People thinking that someone is a nice person is not the same as thinking they are a good person, as in morals etc.

Thinking someone is nice means that they like the person, because the person is nice to them.

Things that make a person seem nice

A nice person is thinking about others and not thinking about themselves.

As a result the person is nice to others.

This is best displayed a situation where you had a hard difficult time.

Anyone can be seen as a nice person when I had nothing to hurt and dusturb them. Also if they have everything they need.

If you have been put through a nasty situation, such as being ripped off and emotionally hurt by a bad person.

If you talk about how the person who did this to you is a nasty person and what they did to you, you look like a selfish person because you are just thinking about yourself.

So you are nice to everyone around you, because even with what you have been put through, you still think about the needs and welfare of others and not about yourself. This is because you are a nice person.

If you were a selfish person you would be so preoccupied with how you have been a treated, you would be concentrating on that and so would be angry and frustrated about that and not focused on being nice to other people.

If you are asked about the person, say favourable things about them.

Not putting your baggage onto others

If you are asked about it in social situations, when talking about it, you get angry, bitter and upset and cannot cope, just talking about yourself, your side and your own predicament. People would not want to be with you, because then they are sucked into supporting you and receiving your bitterness.

You are asking from them to bare and cope with your nastyness and hostility about this other person. They feel like they to have to be sympathetic and compassionate to you as you cannot cope.

So they feel like they are sucked into help you out as you cannot cope.

If when you are asked about it, you are coping, not winging about your own predicament, not thinking about and talking about your side.  

So you are nice, happy, benevolent, unstressed, thinking about the needs and welfare of the person who ripped you off and trying to help them all you can, respectful and nice about the person who ripped you off, you are seen as a nice person. 

You are not slagging off the person who ripped you off and not just talking about your own needs.

When people ask you about it, you are still nice about the person who ripped you off, able to be nice to people around you because you are not putting them through it and asking them for help, you are seen as a nice person.

If you need sympathy and compassion from other people due to your plight, then you are asking for things from others and they will not want to be with you. People want you to give them sympathy and compassion, not for you to have to ask for it from them.

Always talk about other people and their needs, not what you have and want for yourself.

How you are with people

You have to lift people up, make people think that you think they are incredible and special.

However be careful of doing flattery which is a sin. Flattery is saying that a thing about a person is great, when it is not, it is a bad point of theirs.

So focus on peoples’ points that are truly good, so you do not have to lie about someone by saying that their bad points are good points.

Then you are actually doing them a favour, as you are helping to enhance their good points.

People wanting others to think they are great

People seem nice if not have to prove themselves to others.

The desire and want of other people to think they are great and amazing, means they are actually taking.

They get stressed about wanting this so are less nice to to be around. All in all this makes people think they are less nice person.

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