If you first take responsibility then you are given power, it does not happen the other way around.

However most people want power without responsibility.

They do not want to take responsibility and want to have everything done for them.

For a person to have power, there must be a reason why they have been given it by others.

You are given a right to something when you deserve it, can handle it correctly and usefully.

People do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

As a result they let someone else take responsibility, then they end up just doing what they are told and that person has power over them.

They do what that person tells them to, even if that person is self serving and not doing what is right for them, but they let this happen as they do not want to take responsibility.

A person may also do evil if the leader tells them to and the leader says they will take responsibility for the person’s actions. Of course morally and karmically the leader is lying as this is not possible, because the person chose to go along with the leader and it is the person that did the action.

To get promoted in a company, take on responsibility after responsibility, especially easy to do if it is the stuff that other people do not want to do. Then you get huge amounts of power and until you become CEO, no one will have really noticed.

On an inner level, if you take responsibility for your psyche, then you can control it. This means a person can really be aware of, change and effect things with themselves.

Real power

Power does not come about from telling people what to do, it comes from a person changing themselves and this changes others. This could be their actions, views, feelings, emotions, spirit, connection with God etc.

By lighting a light in one person, it affects others, as everything is one.

So to improve and change the world, a person changes themselves and this really effects others.

A philosopher said:

A man wanted to change the world and he could not.

The man then tried to change his country and he could not.

He then tried to change his village and he could not.

Then he tried to change his country and he could not.

For a person to have power over themselves they must take responsibility for themselves. By a person taking responsibility for their psyche they they get control over their psyche. This means taking responsibility for what have done wrong etc.

Setting an example

A leader can say all kinds of things, but it is the example they set which has the real effect. They can say what they like, but without setting that example nothing will happen.

People needing and or wanting to do what the other person is saying,

People will listen and do what the other person says, because they need or want what the other person is saying and they believe in it.  So then that person has power as other people are doing what they say:

  • A doctor saying how they can be cured
  • A politician with a solution for how they can get out of their problems

Others have a need to do what the other person is telling them to do.

Normally the thing has to be delivered with total confidence for the other person to want to do it and go along with it.  That is how politicians do it.  Often what they say is nonsense and empty, but delivered with total confidence so people go along with it.


If you try and control things from an ego point of view, you stop God and the universe doing it’s job and nothing works.


Power is given to a person because other people want to follow them.

Power cannot be taken, if the other person does not want to follow people and has to, in the long run it can only go wrong. This could be a dictator.

It could be manager a worker has to follow, even though the does not think that they are any good. The worker will not really want to do the things because cannot believe and trust them.

A person has other people follow them because they earn trust and respect by doing good works. If the manager does a show of force against the worker by ‘waiving a stick around’ and showing by force people must follow them, it will not end well.

Lust for power

Selfish desire for power is a dark, nasty and horrible thing that consumes and so destroys the people wanting it. It destroys them, hurts them and makes them feel horrible. People may think that they are in control, but the selfishness of wanting power consumes them.

A person may want power as they they enjoy it, are entertained by it, find it pleasing and pleasurable. The more power they have, the more they believe they will be somebody, important and seen as important. This is especially so for people with low self esteem.

Morally a person can have power because they need it for the sake of others, so they have it for the sake of others. If this is not the case then it may be there, it but must not be used. Using power for selfish reasons is selfishly having something and not good.

How to tell if someone is power mad or a control freak

The biggest one is if they cannot cope, gets stressed, agitated, angry, upset if they are not in control of a situation involving people, objects, the world and so on.

When a person wants to be in control of a situation, that is having power over a situation and so other people.

When a person wants attention and does things to get attention, it is because they want power. So when a person shows off it is to get power from the people giving them attention.

Other someone is a control freak:

▪They interrupt the other person when they are talking.
▪Override and direct the conversation, where it is going, subject, what is said,  views, opinions and so on.
▪Even when the other person has said something they have to repeat it like they are the one saying it.
▪Have to be the person that said the last word in the conversation, this can include the last word in each section of a conversation.
•Speak more loudly than the other person, this can be because they want to force that they are the one giving the orders.

Normally this is caused by the person:
▪wanting to have power.
▪having a fear of loss, so they control as a defence, or attack.

Something to believe in

People want something to believe in. However this can be used by a leader to control people, as they are so focused on believing in something, that they do not see what is really going on. This can be s belief, philosophy, exercise, idea etc. It is done a bit like how a magician uses misdirection.

Cults rob people of self determined, own intention.

This is because they just follow a leader.  Go into rituals which cheer how wonderful the cult leader is.

Everything positive that happens to a person is validated, by attributing it to what taught by the cult leader.

Everything negative that happens to you, told  is because of lack of application of doing what taught by the cult leader.

That mind control is how people get stuck in the mousetrap.

They believe what they are told so much, they just go along on with it.
Someone to believe in

A cause of this can be that people want to feel secure. So try to find someone to be their mummy or daddy and fulfil that role in their life.

As a result this leader does everything for them and takes responsibility for the person, so the person becomes less effective as they are not taking responsibility for themselves.

As a result the person skives and not do what needs to be done, as there is no need, because they are secure without doing anything.

A person can be shown what to do and how things work. However the results only happens if they make their own choices of what they believe is right do the work themselves etc. That is being an adult.

A person can believe that they have been shown the right way by someone, but they must think for themselves, do things for themselves and take responsibility for themselves.

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