About Lifetime Wisdom

Lifetime Wisdom is meant to be the things I have learned so far in my life.

Things that I wish I had known earlier, or just are very glad that I have discovered.

They are the result of great teachers, trying many other things which have failed, experience, inspiration, contemplation, meditation or just reading, listening and looking.

Over time as my ideas and experiences improve, I will be editing this website as I discover that things on it are wrong as I realise life is not like that and also add other things I discover which are right. I hope people will be able to assist in this by adding their own views and comments.

As I understand, experience and become more aware of the ideas, I hope to be able to reduce the number of words on this website until it becomes a short consice document of one liners so that people can quickly and easily get the information.

I hope people will comment, criticise and add to this blog, because I am on a journey like anyone else.  The aim is self development, evolution and serving of god

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