Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you like other people then other people will like you. If you hate other people then other people will hate you.

This has to be real, cannot feke this.

Need to be yourself with people, be real. Let the person you are talking to get to know you for you, get to know the other person for the other person. Be careful of using the ‘game’ face that means no one ever gets to know you. If you try and be something you are not, it cannot work.

Self confidence:

If a person has an inner self confidence, they will carry themselves in a way that when they walk into a room, people will notice them.

If you believe that you can do it, others will too, will want to be around you and benefit from your success.

This needs to be from the positivity of doing things well, not about the arrogance of being better than others and looking down on others.

It means you believe you can do it, know you can do it and not have any fear.

A person builds up confidence from the reality of their achievements, otherwise it is just a delusion which is a road to eventual ruin.


The ego goes around and around, repeating it’s thoughts, actions and feelings. Only when a person goes to their higher Self can they change. The higher self sees things more as the person really is, thinking about others and being impartial. The Self does not just think about and Me like the ego does.The self of a person is at the bottom level of heaven.

Without the ego, a person cannot function in the earthly world,
▪they think they are the wall the ceiling, the car over there and so on as are be one with everything.
▪They would not be able to tell relative things, like how light, heavy, strong, weak, big, small things are. Would not be able to identify and function on the physical world for example even sleep.
▪ not possible for people to identify the person, the ego is a mask. For example it enables people to see if a person is a begger, upper class person, doctor, teacher, and so on.
▪ people with not be able to identify the person, because they would be no I, they would just be one with everything.
▪the person would just float away into the upper worlds.
▪They would just be elsewhere so not abke to function on the physical level.

So before going up to the higher worlds, it is also important to make sure the person can come back down and that means being able to build the ego back up again!

A good way to do this is to meditate on the ego. Also to get back to earth to meditate on the senses and physical world. We are where are our consciousness is.

If the ego is too strong a person cannot be spiritual, if it is too weak a person cannot function effectively, or at all on earth. The answer is to be able to build it up and reduce it by choice.

Zev Ben Shimon Halevi

These are not word for word quotes, but try to catch meanings of what he said and wrote.

The highest treason is to do the right thing for the wrong reason.

Animal people used to murder other people to get to the top, now they murder other peoples’ reputations. However before they get to the top, karma means it comes back so they never get there.

You need to be aware of the spiritual principles behind everything, if a tribe invades and exploits another country, then another country will come and do the same to them.

When you go into a room, you can tell who are the people in spiritual work, they are the people in the room who are watchful, whereas the others are just talking about themselves and their issues. People in spiritual work also have a lightness about them and a refinement of their features.

To be able to experience the upper worlds, you need to be awake, at attention. Most people just sleep walk through life and as a result do the same normal routine. For example they go to work at the same normal time and route, just sleep walking on their way to work and back.

Every action has consequences, as you develop more, you become aware of that.

If a person is mean psychologically, their physical body will then be hunched and bent over, stiff, with mean looking physical features. They will have mean a physical appearance as the psyche infects and affects the body. This will come over in all aspects of the physical body’s appearance, such as mannerisms, muscle tone, voice, expressions, posture, physical features and so on. (this is more a description of what Zev Ben Shimon Halevi acted out to explain)

The field force of the psyche surrounds the body by a couple of feet on average.

The soul make choices, it changes and adapts to circumstance and really does the working things out. The ego just reacts to whatever is going on.

The psyche goes on from life to life, the body does not. The psyche is what does thinking, the brain is just a telephone instrument between the body and psyche.

Feelings come and go much more quickly, emotions are around for longer.

Unless one is well grounded, mysticism can lead to madness. Such as Abulafia who in the 13th century was jailed for trying to convert the Pope, he was also a Holy Fool.

Angels are beyond the physical senses.

No one can escape the responsibility and so the karma, from accepting or rejecting the conduct of leaders or the masses, a person can either go along with what is being done or rebel against it.

The aim of the universe is to evolve, the aim is not to be happy.

We are in earth to learn. When something happens to you ask why it is really happening and what is the lesson.

‘There is no religion higher than truth’ he was quoting from elsewhere.

It takes most people many many incarnations to escape the wheels of karma. Some people may be able to escape the physical level in one lifetime, psychological in the next lifetime, spiritual in the next and then the divine, but they are rare. A bit like the person who manages to get out of jail quickly.

The ego is needed to function on this earth, without a person would the dead. The art though its the higher parts of yourself to control the ego. Like the driver controls the donkey, not the donkey controlling the driver. The ego is a tool, you control it, not it control you.

Often before an impending disaster, the most sensitive, intelligent, and shrewd people leave, removing with them many of the precious artifacts and ideas of that civilisation.

Men and women who volunteer to take on dangerous work as is their mission, can do it as know death is not the end.

Visualisation meditation

Zev Ben Shimon Halevi says that in visualisation meditation, if the images are coming from yesod/the ego, you have trouble keeping up with any guided meditation as things have to be processed which is harder and slower. If they are coming from to teferet they just come through.

It if it is coming from the ego it has to calculate, process and is trying to change what is coming in for it’s own convenience.

The first image that comes through is normally the right one, the later stuff is often the ego trying to change it to what it wants it to be. Unless of course you are able to ponder at teferet for long periods, most people can only keep at teferet for a very short time, so it is just the original flash of image which is the true one.

Images from the ego can be identified as they tend to be fantasy, fearful, tinny and unreal, over dramatic and so on.

Images from teferet are more real.

If images are coming from yesod, to stop this and get images coming from teferet, ask ‘what is the truth’, ‘what is really going on here’, tell the ego to get out of the way.

If images are coming into the mind immediately, they are coming from teferet. If they take a bit longer, This also means the people who are doing a visualisation meditation from the ego are much much slower.

Generally sourced information

When you make mistakes and do things wrong, you need to be able to own them and not say that they are somebody else’s mistakes. Then you can progress, develop and learn.

You have have to advise people if they will listen to your advice, however you also have to be let to go down in flames, down to the bitter end of the result of their mistakes, if it is a path they have chosen despite your advice, or they just do not learn.


Hold back in conversations and listen, then ask questions. Do not talk at people, you need to hear what they say, their truth will come out in that sentence.

Attracting women:

Women want a man who will be a good father to their children, good with their children.

Women also want a good husband who will be nice to them.

Women want security and they get that through marriage, so women want to get married.

Men look at sex and having it with a beautiful woman. Women look more look at the relationship, whether it will work and last.

Women are wary of if a man just wants to have sex with them. They will make sure the man wants a relationship with them and the sex stuff comes later.

Women mainly get divorced from their husbands because their partner is taking then for granted and they get bored. It is easy when I get married to think that that is it and stop working at.

Also it can be that one or both partner changes, so they are no longer relevant to each other

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