How to make great products

Need to compete with yourself:

You have to be your biggest competitor, not somebody else to compete with you. You have to compete with yourself. If you have a product that is very successful, you have to think immediately what is the next one? Can I do it better? This to a certain extent was the success of Commodore.

Jack Tramiel Commodore Computers.

A great product is you

A product that is a copy of other products is always empty and shallow. To make a great product that cannot be easily copied, have to put you, your heart and soul into it all parts of it. Then you have a product or service that is unique, competitors can never copy you in the product. Then it is not just a commodity that can be copied by others.

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier’s book ‘Rework’


Great products do a few simple things and do them well. They are easy and fun to use.

Focus on what you are and do

If I creating a product to compete with something else, the competition are setting the rules, parameters and you will be behind them.

Need to look at what problem you are going to solve and solve it, work out the rules for yourself. Then are not being constrained by what others have done and doing.

Is not even about beating the competition, you are doing something separate and different.

if I just copying everyone else, what is the point in your existence.

(Influenced by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier’s book ‘Rework’)

Of course when starting need to learn from others and also learn from others as well, so it is a balance.

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