How to appear capable

Do things properly:

▪Stand straight, do not slouch.
▪Do proper, full, complete movements and gestures. Do not cut them off through embarrassment,  fear, nervousness, lazyness etc.
▪Speak fully and properly. Do not shorten or cut off your words and sentences. Speak fully, properly and clearly.
▪Think things through clearly, properly and to their end conclusion
▪Do things to do them properly, not just for show. For example do not sit up straight for show, do it to do it properly.
▪Do not do things by halves, do them properly.

However always make sure you are capable with things things for the right thing for God and other people.

Utimately it is thinking of others and doing things for others that will make you capable, because that is the highest motive.

Otherwise focusing on looking capable is just doing things for yourself. You will just be cold, selfish and no one will want to know you. This is because you are just appearing capable for yourself and selfish purposes. You are not giving and thinking of others!

Also people may hate you because they will be jealous and feel relatively small around you.

Also so that people can relate to you, it is also important to adapt so people can relate to you. Of you are more capable than them, then they will not be able to.

Also you may become stayed and boring, focusing on doing things properly is not being fun.

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