Management (motivating people)

Be the best

Tell people to be the best, so they are motivated to be the best in their team, company, the world.

However need to ensure that this competition does not go to the negative side of backstabbing or damaging the work of other people in the company.


People want to be on the winning team, be on the team where a winner is the leader. To be able to tell people what they have done and they are impressed.

The reflected glory of being in a company where the head manager is highly respected.

However need to be careful of the possible evil where staff can be jealous and want to steal from the leader. So the leader must be generous and do things with the staff.

Pride in a good job

This is a big motivator and something to set an example with and stress to staff.

This is something that an anti management union can destroy in staff. It can even go so far as pride in doing a bad job to try and destroy management.

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