Social skills (people being comfortable with you)

People believing you are the same as them

People want to be friendly with people like themselves and not someone who is different. This is a first and primary thing for who people are friendly with!

So a person will be friendly with people who have the same amount of money as them, beliefs, background, class, nationality, religion status, views on life, sex, interest and so on. The more important that factor or interest is to them, the more they will want to be with people that have that same factor.

People naturally feel comfortable with people who are the same as them.

People feel uncomfortable and even hate people who are different to them.

A person may tolerate someone who is different to them, but this is an act of service, compassion and benevolence. It does not mean that they selfishly want to be with that person.

This is regardless of how nice, generous and so on that other person might be. For example, even if someone is a criminal and a bad person, he will only feel comfortable with other criminal and bad people. Even though such people will rip them off and so on.

This even means a nasty person will only feel comfortable around other nasty people and will not want to be friendly with nice people as they will not feel comfortable with them because they are different.

Yes a person maybe around other people who are different to them to be tolerant to them. However that is because they are being nice tolerating the other person’s difference, not because they want to be with them.

How to adapt to people:

1, Only mention the sides of yourself that are the same as the other person, not those that are different.

2, The personality is a mask, the word persona comes from the Greek word for mask and once a person realises this then they can use it to adapt to different people.

The personality/ego is your mask to the world, without it people will not be able to see and relate to you. They will not be able to tell if you are a prince, beggar, professional, working class person, childish, mature, responsible, immature and so on.

However it is only a mask and you need to know that it is not the real actual you, or you will get lost by purely identifying yourself by your personality. The persona is what people use to relate to each other.

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