Morals in making money

The producer depends for his prosperity on serving people, if this is not done then people will find out that you are just self serving, you will loose goodwill and the end will be in sight.

Greed is often caused by short termism.

Being greedy for money is the surest way not to get it, but when you serve for God which means you are doing it for others and the right thing, then money takes care of itself.

Money comes from service and the point of money is to put it into more service. It is not to be used for helping people to be idle.

You must do things better than others and try to pass these on with better products, higher wages, donations to charities or other such projects, lower priced products or whatever the world needs. This is so that managers, workers, purchasers and suppliers and everyone connected with you, are better off for you having existed. The business will exist because it deserves to.

So you need to win in the marketplace by doing the job better, so you deserve to be the one doing it. Must never do negative things to try and deprive other businesses of their income, unless it is in self defence because they started it, or will start it.

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