How to be cool and not nerdy

Cool people tend to be those that have things, good things.

Nerdy people are those who have bad things or have nothing.

However this means having things on all levels, physical, psychological, spiritual and divine.

A metaphor would be to be a big strong powerful car, it not only has a big engine, but the wheels and other bits that able to control that power.

Strong emotionally, physically etc.

How you are physically affects how you are psychologically.

How you are psychologically affects how you are physically.

How are you are spiritually affects how you are psychologically.

How you are psychologically affects how are you are physically.

And so on……

Cool people deal with problems, nerdy people fall apart.

A useful definition

To loose your cool is defined as, to fail to maintain a calm and controlled attitude.

Nerdy people

Tend to be: anxiety, worry, nervousness, timid, scarred, stressed, hating things that should be loved.

They are not confident.

They do not things with any certainty, this means they are not so effective not as doing things fully and properly. They slowly do things checking and seeing if okay with others and so are second or last .

Nerdy people look like they find things difficult, can be seen on their face and how they move that they things difficult.

Nerdy people when faced with a problem do not stay strong and get on with it, they just fall apart.

They are so interested in logic that they do not know about and are not aware of emotions and feelings. The right motions and feelings, are part of what makes someone cool and not nerdy.

They do not know how to love others and things like that which makes them cool and attractive.

They also are not aware of their anxiety, stress, hate and, fear, cowardice all the other emotions and feelings which can become extreme and make them fall apart

Not know how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Hate themselves when, they should love themselves. So they are full of other negative emotions and feelings which are targeted at themselves.

This hating themselves also means they are damaging themselves by doing so. This of course looks terrible.

If the person hates themselves then other people will think and feel they should hate them too.

Just like if a person sees someone else who is bad, or has done bad things, they may believe that person deserves punishment for the bad things they have done.

If a person themselves has done bad things, they may believe they deserve punishment and may try and destroy themselves and wish bad things on themselves. This makes the person hate themselves, instead of loving themselves.

So it is important to do good so that you think you deserve good and wish for good things for yourself as you deserve it.

Nerdy people are oppressed by others, because they do not stand up for themselves. They do not have the courage, bravery and fighting power to do this in the face of long term attacks that can come from bullies, people who want power over them and to exploit them.

This oppression also means nerdy people have even more negative emotions faced at themselves, such as fear for themselves, sadness at their situation, self hate and frustration at themselves and the situation. Also they become less confident of themselves and less self assured, which makes them even less attractive.

It is fine to hate evil people, you should love good and hate evil. However as they are upset at their own failure, they begin to hate themselves which is like destroying themselves.

As bullies say nasty things about them, they begin to believe it and they loose their self belief and confidence. It is what we think of ourselves which is the most powerful in how we come over to others and what others think of us.

We must always be servants of God and God wants what is right for all. God would not want us to be oppressed and wants the best for us. God is good and not evil.

Need to do good and not evil, also succeed at things. As a result a person will naturally love and not hate themselves.

The way we judge ourselves, is basically is no different to how a person judges another person.

Cool people

Loving, affectionate, courage, brave, confident and full of self belief.

They are confident.

They do things with certainty, this means they are effective as doing things properly. Even little things like picking up a cup is done differently as done with certainty.

They do not let any problem stop them from being calm and focused. They do not fall apart, or give up, they just keep getting on with it.

Cool people also find all things in life easy, things do not cause some stress or difficulty. If things come up, they just do it and for them it is easy.

They have all the emotions of sadness, stress, anger etc., but they do not fall apart.

Also staying calm at all times, not stressed, panicking or rushing. They can do this because they are brave and courageous, they know that if they panic it falls apart. The harder, bigger and more important the problem, the more impressive that they have have not panicked.

A crisis is an even more important occasion to not panic, do things at the speed you can actually do them and not be pushed around by the situation. You are in control of yourself, not other people and the situation.

They are not phased by anything that goes on or happens, so they can deal with it best.

It is very easy for person to stay cool calm and collected went by themselves and not challenged. To be a cool person they need to stay cool, calm, collected and happy in the face of difficulty and not get worried, stressed, and nervous about difficult things.

Panic makes us try to do things faster than that and it just does not work, so they are not done properly, it is not as good, it ends up being slower and you just have to redo them again. Panic gets in the way of the brain doing things the best that it can and at the speed that it can actually do things. In the end, taking your time means things are actually done more quickly and better.

Panic as it comes from fear, locks us up and stops us from functioning. The person is just thinking about themselves and what will happen to them, when to be effective need to just focuson the job, motivated by the needs and welfare of God and so others.

However if you can say calm, you can do things quickly, efficiently and well, even if you are moving quickly. Also you look great as you are not falling apart.

This is because your physical movements and posture will be clean, fluid and unfluttered. Also you will not have the negative facial and bodily expressions that come from negative emotions and feelings.

Emotional intelligence, they know about emotions and feelings, how important they are for people and in social interactions. That emotions are a real energy and existence.

Emotions and feelings are part of what makes someone cool and not nerdy. Love, courage, bravery etc.

They know how to love others and things like that which makes them cool.

Standing straight and not hunched over, as they are in charge of themselves and are not just being oppressed by other people.

If you live correctly then your emotions are clean, harmonious and fluid, you are in harmony with them. Can attack people, but only when needed.

However negative people are just oppressed and frustrated, so this is not the case. So in their resentment, frustration they attack people all rhe time when of course they should not.
Know how to have fun and be happy for the sake of others, so they get to experience it.

Beautiful people on the outside, tend to be beautiful on the inside, they do, are and appreciate beauty. A person can do good things such is doing filing for someone, but if they do not do it in a beautiful way, then it is not a beautiful thing, done beautifully for someone else.

Beauty is a wonderful thing that needs to be learned and understood in itself, for example it can be giving people beautiful emotions and feelings.

Love God and do God’s morals, so things go well and are rewarded with these things as deserve them. A person gets them as have them for God and others, not for themselves.
These all come from doing God’s morals.

If a person has God’s morals, then they will be blessed with everything that makes them cool.

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